My Story

written by: Nicole Corriero, grade nine student

When I first started hockey, it was called a phase.
something I would get over within a couple of days.

The next year I played, they called it cute.
A girl who plays hockey, what a hoot!!

Following that year, I made rep boys, double A.
It was surprising to hear what some of the parents had to say.

"Girls can't play hockey !" "She doesn't belong here!"
As well as other treacherous phrases that met with my ear

As the years went by the situation got worse.
Making it seem that the better I played, the bigger the curse.

They could not take the fact that a girl was better then they were.
They'd say to themselves "I won't get beaten by HER!!"

They couldn't understand that on the ice we are all the same,
Playing hockey for the love of the game.

I remember that when I scored, not all were as happy as the rest.
They could not swallow the fact that a girl could be the best.

My experiences with boys' hockey was not all that bad.
I remember more of the happy times than the times I was sad.

However, no matter what team I played on, something wasn't right.
That something was the prejudice that I always had to fight.

I was being alienated, because I was a girl.
Am I supposed to be a ballerina, to sing, dance and twirl?

I soon realized later, that I had nothing to demonstrate.
That no matter where I played I'd always feel their hate.

I switched over to Girls Hockey because, correct me if I'm wrong.
Considering my gender, girls' hockey is where I belong.

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