The Medal Game

written by: Dana Dobbie, age 13

It's Sunday night in Kitchner Canadians are watching just 2 she Schuler The puck hits the ice, the clock starts to tick We know it's a goal if the puck hits Schuler's stick The score is 1 for us and one for them Against the Americans it's hard to defend With a couple of goals were up by two Now for sure the Americans are through In front of our net there rose such a clatter I rose from my seat to see what was a matter A major scuffle in front of our net The Americans score I bet, I bet The Americans score it really sucks bad But it's ok because Schuler isn't sad She skates really hard to be up again But it didn't work the Americans score again The score is 3 to 3 But I have to go pee but I can't cause its going into O.T Hayley is skating down the boards I can't wait I think she's going to score She fakes left then right And fires it home The refthrows her arm straight Schuler hops over the boards to celebrate As they skated to the blue line they all started to cry Because they saw Stacey receiving the trophy I claped, I screamed I shouted out loud I looked at Stacey and said I'm so proud Out of my eyes T started to cry I looked at Schuler and waved bye, bye Out of the arena as fans we did roll I know in my heart they all achieved their goals The Canadians are top on the world once again With # 27 Schuler we became good friends Written by Dana Dobbie after 1997 Women's World Championship. Dana lives in Fergus, Ontario and plays for Orangeville.