Brampton Women's Tournament

This page provides information for the Brampton tournament, which is the largest women's hockey tournament in the world! You'll find links to the results of the Brampton tournament over the years. Here is a link to the official Brampton Canadettes tournament page, which is provided by the Brampton Canadettes Girls' Hockey Association.

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General Information

This information was provided by Peggy Cunha ( on January 10th, 1997.

I am responding to the request on what the tournament in Brampton is like from those that have attended it before.

The tournament is played in several rinks in and around Brampton. We stayed at hotels near the airport, which is centrally located to all the rinks. It took about 20 minutes to get from the hotel to the farthest rink. The rinks range from older facilities to very modern ones. If I remember correctly, all the rinks had snackbars open during the tournament for a quick drink or bite to eat.

It is very valuable to get your hands on a program and the schedule if you want to try and watch any of the other divisions playing since things are spreadout so far. The tournament was well run and it was great to see so many girls and women playing the sport. I love watching the little girls playing, wish I had learned to play at that age.

One rink is the headquarters and several things are available there. The best is the massage and chiropractic personnel on hand for your use. You can get a warm up massage there before a game or one afterwards to soothe your sore muscles. Also there is licensed personnel available to put you back together after an injury and get you playing again. All these services are free. I am probably giving away our teams secret weapon, since many teams didn't take advantage of these services and luckily the lines were never too long when we dropped in. Now that I am telling you about it, I maybe sorry.

The tournament was also selling an assortment of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothing with girls/women's hockey as the theme. These items were on sale at a limited number of rinks, but the headquarters had the best selection.

Some things to remember, see and do -

For the adults in the group. All bars,etc are closed the Friday of the tournament because this is Good Friday.

Shopping. There are a number of large sporting goods stores with big selection of hockey equipment. If you need to replace equipment, this trip is a good time. The equipment can be cheaper in Canada, and you get your tax money back when you return to the US. There are some big sales going on that weekend always too. We can't believe how cheap tape is up there. Stick and sock tape in California runs about US$3 a roll. At the tournament we have bought 12 rolls for CAN$9. Everyone on our team gets their years supply when there.

Sightseeing. The team usually has time to get out and see some of sights in and around Toronto. Niagara Falls is only a couple of hours away and can be visited in an afternoon. It is worth seeing, even when frozen. Also the Hockey Hall of Fame is in downtown Toronto, don't miss it! Gretzky's restaurant is near the BlueJay's stadium. Unfortunately the Leafs don't have any home games during the tournament this year but you can visit the Maple Leaf Gardens.

I hope this information is helpful to all of you attending this year. Look me up and say hello. I will be with the California Rays (Senior B or C division? not sure)


2001 Brampton Tournament

Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Assoc.
Largest women's hockey tournament in the world
April 12-15, 2000
34th Annual.

Get tournament registration information online.

or contact: Mr. Paul Driver at 905-454-0582

or write to:

Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Assn.
20 Heddon Court
Brampton, Ontario
L6Z 4H3

And here's another Brampton Canadettes tournament information web page.

2000 Brampton Tournament

Date: April 20-23, 2000

Here is a list of the winners of the 2000 tournament.

1999 Brampton Tournament

Date: April 1-4, 1999

This Easter Weekend tournament offers competitive hockey to all divisions and levels.
OWHA and CAHA rules apply.
3 Games guaranteed.

1998 Brampton Tournament

Date: April 9-12, 1998

1998 Results

1997 Brampton Tournament

Date: March 27 to 30th 1997
344 teams participated

1997 Results

Gold Medal Game Results:

TYKE             SCARBOROUGH....2                SARNIA....0
NOVICE  A        BRAMPTON....1                   LONDON....0
NOVICE  B        MISSISSAUGA....1                SARNIA....0
NOVICE  C        BURLINGTON....1                 ETOBICOKE....0
ATOM  A          MISSISSAUGA....4                WILLOWDALE....1
ATOM  BB         NIAGARA FALLS....3              ASSABET VALLEY....1
ATOM  B          ORANGEVILLE....1                MISSISSAUGA....0
ATOM  C          MISSISSAUGA....3                WINDSOR....2
PEE WEE  A       MISSISSAUGA....1                ASSABET VALLEY....0
PEE WEE  BB      RIDEAU-ST LAWRENCE....2         NEPEAN....0
PEE WEE  B       Connecticut Southern Stars..4   Connect. Polar bears....1
PEE WEE  C       MISSISSAUGA....4                WINDSOR....1
BANTAM  A        LONDON....4                     ASSABET VALLEY....3
BANTAM  BB       Mich. METRO FLYERS...1          TEAM ILLINOIS...0
BANTAM  B        EMPIRE N.Y.....4                ETOBICOKE....0
BANTAM  C        ORILLIA....2                    ST. CLAIR SHORES...1
MIDGET  A        LONDON....4                     BRAMPTON....2
MIDGET  BB       OTTAWA....4                     BLUEWATER....0
MIDGET  B        OTTAWA.....4                    BARRIE.....1
MIDGET  C        SARNIA....1                     LEASIDE....0
INTER.  BB       MINNESOTA....2                  BROCKVILLE....1
INTER.  C        PITTSBURG....3                  CHELMSFORD....1
SENIOR  AA       SARNIA....2                     TEAM JAPAN....1
SENIOR  A        MINNESOTA....2                  ASSABET VALLEY....1
SENIOR  BB       BELAIR....1                     BRAMPTON....0
SENIOR  B        U.N.B.   2                      NEWTON BROOK....1
SENIOR  CC       RED ZONE....4                   FLAMBOROUGH....0
SENIOR  C        ITHACA....5                     COUNTY BLUES....4
SENIOR REC 1     MICHIGAN....3                   SMITH FALLS....2
SENIOR REC 2     KINGSTON....2                   ROCHESTER....1

The winners of the draw for custom goalie pads with
catcher and blocker were as follows:

   Senior set of pads: L. NICKOLS, OSHAWA
   Junior set of pads: TEAM JAPAN

1996 Brampton Tournament

The 1996 Brampton Tournament was held from April 4-7, 1996. The program lists 306 teams from Canada and the USA, but no teams from overseas this year. Last year a team from Russia competed.

1996 Results

1996 Brampton Tourney Winners
CategoryGold MedalSilver Medal
Midget C
Sarnia Starfires
Peewee B Sarnia Starfires 2 Bluewater Hawks 1
Atom C Sarnia Starfires

Please send me any other results that you may have.

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