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If you need any information about girls'/women's hockey in Manitoba, please contact:

Hockey Manitoba (HM)
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Phone (204) 925-5755
FAX (204) 925-5761

All of the information contained in this page was provided by Ev Podolsky (podolsky@minet.gov.mb.ca). Thanks Ev! :-)


The women's hockey league has been playing for over 25 years in Winnipeg. There are 11 teams in the league 2 of us are in A division - the Storm and the University of Manitoba. 9 teams are in the B division. The University of Manitoba is a club team.

Other information that you need could probably be given to you by George Knight 79 Whiteshell Ave., Winnnipeg, Manitoba, R2C 2R7. He is the president of the league.

The Canadian Shield is being held in Winnipeg this year. It is a tournament for women's hockey in the A and B divisions plus midgets for Western Canada (BC, ALTA, SASK, MAN.).

1996 Provincials

Just a note to inform those who are interested that the Sweat Camp Storm from Winnipeg Manitoba won the provincials and will be representing Manitoba at the Nationals in Moncton. The three game series against the University of Manitoba was filled with excitement.

University of Manitoba took a lead in the series by beating the Storm 5-0 in the first game. Storm came back to beat U. of Manitoba 3-0 in the second game. Storm finished it off in the third game beating U of M 2-1. It was a scoreless third period.

It was a thrilling series and many fans were there to share in the excitement.

1996 Esso Women's Nationals

This information is from the CHA.


The Winnipeg Sweat Camp Storm are returning to the national championship for their third consecutive year, having won the provincial title in a hard fought battle with the University of Manitoba Lady Bisons.

Ten veterans of the 1995 national competition are back on the roster, and they have added some youth with three players from Manitoba 1995 Canada Winter Games squad. Laura Vanderhorst, who was invited out for the national women's team in 1994 and 1995, was also added to the line-up.

1996 Esso Women's Nationals Summary

Team:   Winnipeg Sweat Camp Storm
Round-Robin Record: 2-2-0 (3rd in Pool A)
  B.C. 3 Manitoba 4
  Manitoba 1 Quebec 7
  Nova Scotia 1 Manitoba 2
  Manitoba 0 Alberta 6
Semi-Final:         New Brunswick 8 Manitoba 1
Game for 5th place: Manitoba 4 Saskatchewan 2
Final Standing:     5th

1995 Esso Women's Nationals Summary:

Team:   Winnipeg Sweat Camp Storm
Round-Robin Record: 0-3-0 (4th in Pool B)
Game for 7th place: Manitoba 5 PEI 2
Final Standing:     7th

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