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1995-96 Teams Within Alberta

The information in this page was provided by Rosalind Barrington Leigh (rbarring@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca) who plays for the Edmonton Chiefs AA and the University of Alberta Club team, and by Marlow Kulak (mkulak@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca) who plays for the Sherwood Park Shooters in the NALHA AAA league.

In Alberta we have "A," "AA," and "AAA" divisions, with "AAA" being the most competitive.

Edmonton NALHA AAA League

The last three Edmonton teams listed competed in the AA provincials.

Calgary AAA League

The team that finished on top for AA was the Edmonton Selects. They are a new team that was formed this year and they played in the AA league.

AA Division - Tier I

AA Division - Tier II

1998 AAA Provincials

The Oval X-Treme won the 1998 Alberta AAA Provincial Championship, earning the right to represent Alberta at the 1998 Esso National Championship, which was held in Calgary Alberta. By placing 2nd at the provincials, the Edmonton Chimos qualified to represent Alberta at the provincials, as the host team.

Round Robin Results:
   Oval vs Turbo (RR) 13-2
   Turbo vs Chimos (RR) 2-3
   Oval vs Chimos (RR) 1-4

Semi-final Result:
   Oval vs Turbo (semi-final) 2-0

Final Result:
   Oval vs Chimos (final) 4-0

The Oval X-Treme Team has had a great 1997-98 season finishing first in the Southern Alberta Women's Hockey League. Oval X-Treme competed in regular season play without the Olympic Team members; Jennifer Botterill and Hayley Wickenheiser. The Team was excited to welcome them back to compete in the Alberta Provincial Championships and the Esso National's.

Many of the X-Treme players train year round in the Olympic Oval International High Performance Female Hockey Program. Joining the team this year was Raffi Wolf, from Germany.

The competitive level of hockey in Alberta continues to grow as was demonstrated during close competition between the Calgary Turbo Chargers, the Edmonton Chimos and the Calgary Oval X-Treme at the Alberta Provincial championships held March 6-8. Coached by Kathy Berg, Sandy Johnson and Wally Kozak, the X-Treme's finished first in Provincial Playoffs. They defeated the highly respected 1997 Canadian Champions, Edmonton Chimos, 4-0.

We look forward to representing Alberta along with the Edmonton Chimos, in our first National Championships, hosted by our own Southern Alberta Women's Hockey League.

We wish every team personal success and hope you enjoy the hospitality Calgary is so well known for.

Congratulations to the 1998 Canadian National Champions, the Oval X-Treme!!

1997 Provincials

The 1997 Alberta AAA provincials took place on the weekend of February 7-9, 1997. The Edmonton Chimo's defeated the Calgary Oval team, 3-1 in the championship game. The final game was tough, as Oval beat the Chimo's Saturday night in round robin play. Only three teams entered the AAA Prov's this year, Chimo's, Oval, and another Calgary team.

The Alberta AA Provincials (winner goes on to Western Shield A division) are scheduled for the Feb. 28 - Mar. 2 weekend in Calgary.

The Alberta A Provincials happen March 8 & 9 in the Edmonton area. The winner goes on to Western Shield B division.

1996 AAA Provincials

The top 3 teams from the Edmonton league and the top 3 teams from the Calgary league competed at the 1996 AAA provincials. The winner, the Edmonton Chimos, will represent Alberta at the Nationals in Moncton, New Brunswick. The Chimos will be picking up Hayley Wickenheiser and Allie (Alison Ramsley) from the Classics (for the Nationals). The following 6 teams qualified for the AAA provincials:

Edmonton AAA
  1. Chimos
  2. Shooters
  3. Capitals
Calgary AAA
  1. Classics
  2. Chargers
  3. Bandits

Final Provincial Placings

  1. Chimos
  2. Classics
  3. Capitals
  4. Shooters
  5. Chargers
  6. Bandits

Provincial Scores

Edmonton Chimos 7 vs Sherwood Park Shooters 1
Calgary Classics ? vs Edmonton Capitals ?

Bronze Medal:
Edmonton Capitals 5 vs. Sherwood Pkshooters 1

Gold Medal:
Edmonton Chimos 6 vs. Calgary Classics 2

It [the gold medal game] was the most exciting game I've ever seen. 2-2 going into the 3rd! and wow did the Chimos celebrate at the end! It was incredibly inspiring for those of us aspiring!!

1996 AA Provincials

The "AA" Provincials are March 8-10, 1996 in Calgary. The following teams competed:

Edmonton Calgary

The Edmonton Lightning claimed the gold medal and the Edmonton Selects claimed the silver. The Lightning beat the Selects by a score of 4-1 in the final game.

1995-96 Final NALHA League Standings

AAA                     GP   W   L   T   GF   GA PTS
Edmonton Chimos         22  21   1   0  203   11  42
Sherwood Park Shooters  24  17   5   2  118   47  36
Edmonton Captials       22  10   8   4   62   53  24
Edmonton Lightening     20   5  14   1   43  117  11
Edmonton Flyers         22   4  16   2   37  145  10
Edmonton Jets           20   2  15   3   28  116   7

AA Tier 1               GP   W   L   T   GF   GA PTS
Edmonton Selects         9   9   0   0   54    9  18
Bon Accord Raiders      10   6   1   3   55   19  15
Edmonton Aliens          6   4   3   3   29   34  11
Spruce Grove Blazers     7   3   6   3   36   44   9
Sarepta Storm            5   2   6   0   17   45   4
Edmonton Chiefs          8   0   7   1   16   54   1

AA Tier 2               GP   W   L   T   GF   GA PTS
Linaria Bandits         11  10   0   1   72   14  21
Thorhild Panteras       14   7   5   2   58   35  16
Edmonton Blades         12   5   4   3   37   30  13
Edmonton Warriors       11   7   6   3   61   50   8
Edmonton Eagles         14   2  12   0   16   75   4

Midget (<18) Tier 1     GP   W   L   T   GF   GA PTS
Sherwood Park Diggers   34  18   2   3  116   51  39
Edmonton Rebels         21   7   9   5   71   76  19
Tofield Tornados        16   7   6   3   61   50  17
Saint Albert Sharks     18   0  15   3   26   97   3

Midget (<18) Tier 2     GP   W   L   T   GF   GA PTS
Sherwood Park Whalers   21  16   2   3   95   26  35
St. Albert Wildcats     19  10   8   1   53   47  21
Redwater Rebels         22   7  11   4   48   75  18
Ardrossan Thunder       21   7  11   3   31   45  17
Edmonton Snipers        19   4  12   3   28   60  11

At the beginning of the year there was a seeding tournament in the "AA" division to divide it into two Tiers. The games from this round robin were not included in the League standings; that's why it looks like "AA" didn't play many games. Also, the bottom three "AAA" teams moved down for "AA" provincials- in fact the only "AA" team in "AA" provincials in Edm. were the Edm. Selects who made it to the gold medal game!

Hockey in Edmonton Alberta (and surrounding areas)

The information in this section was provided by NALHA president, Mel Whitesell (melw@superiway.net).

The Northern Alberta Ladies Hockey Association (NALHA) has 26 teams, in three tiers for the 96/97 season, Tier 1 (senior), Tier 2 (senior) and a midget division.

1996-97 Current standings for Tier 1 are as follows:

Edmonton Chimos        12-0-0
Edmonton Capitals      10-2-0
Sherwood Park Shooters 10-2-1
Edmonton Lightning      7-5-1
Tofield Tornado         6-2-3
Edmonton Selects        7-4-0
Edmonton Rebels         5-6-3
Edmonton Jets           4-8-1
U of A Icebreakers      2-9-3
Sherwood Park Diggers   2-10-1
Spruce Grove Blazers    2-10-0
Edmonton Aliens         1-10-1

1996-97 Current Tier 1 Scoring leaders:

                       GP G  A  Pts
n. Chapdelaine, Chimos 11-20-18-38
c. Bredin, Chimos      10-17-21-38
j. Robinson, Chimos     8-14-23-37
d. Lang, Chimos        12-16-19-35
t. Semeniuk, Shooters  12-12-19-31
k. Yeats, Chimos       11-12-17-29
d. Mcguire, Chimos     11-10-19-29
s. Vernon, Chimos      10- 9-20-29
k. Lorenz, Shooters    12-18-10-28
s. Coolidge, Chimos    11-10-18-28
e. Peiper, Chimos      12-14-13-27
d. Bourgois, Rebels    12-14-11-25
j. Grabas, Shooters    12-11-14-25
j. Diduck, Chimos       8- 5-20-25

1996-97 NALHA Management Committee:

President        Mel Whitesell
Past President   Loretta Normandeau
Vice President   Elaine Garner
Vice President   Chris Larsen
Vice President   Rippy Prinsen
Vice President   Chuk Wasylynchuk
Treasurer        Pam Cottrell
Secretary        Gaynelle Witzke
League Governer  Laurie Macgillivary
Referee Assignor Theresa Llorente

One Sad Note to Add

Over the 96 christmas holidays, a member of the edmonton blades (tier 2) was killed in a car accident while returning to calgary for the holidays. Lisa Antoniuk was a U of A student at the time, and was buried on her 20th birthday. The league sends its sincere condolences to her teammates and her family.

Esso Women's Nationals

This information is from the CHA web site.

1996 Esso Women's Nationals Profile


The Edmonton Chimos return to the Esso Women's Nationals after a one-year hiatus. The Chimos have attended 13 national championships, returning with a medal each time. They compete in the Northern Alberta Ladies Hockey League with their home ice in the town of Calmar.

Although Edmonton was knocked out of the national tournament by Calgary in 1995, six of its players joined the Classics for the 1995 championship, including Alison Ramsley who has not missed a single event since the first in 1982.

On the international scene, many Chimos have represented Canada. At the U.S. Olympic Festival, Tina Kristensen and Fiona Smith represented Canada on the select national team, and Shirley Cameron, Dawn McGuire, Judy Diduck and Jane Robinson have all returned with gold medals from World Championships.

Edmonton is sending four of its players to compete on Canada's 1996 national team to compete in the upcoming Pacific Women's Championship - defenders Fiona Smith and Judy Diduck, and forwards Melanie Haz and Hayley Wickenheiser.

1996 Esso Women's Nationals Summary

Team:   Edmonton Chimos
Round-Robin Record: 3-0-1 (2nd in Pool A)
   Nova Scotia 1 Alberta 10
   Alberta 5 B.C. 2
   Manitoba 0 Alberta 6
   Alberta 3 Quebec 3
Quarter-Final:  Alberta 4 Saskatchewan 1
Semi-Final:     Ontario 5 Alberta 2
Gold Medal:     New Brunswick 4 Alberta 3 (OT)
Final Standing: 4th

1995 Esso Women's Nationals Summary

Team:   Calgary Classics
Round-Robin Record: 4-0-0 (1st in Pool A)
Semi-Finals:        New Brunswick 2 Alberta 1
Game for 3rd place: Alberta 3 Ontario 0
Final Standing:     3rd

Olympic Oval Programme in Calgary

Check out the Olympic Oval Programme in Calgary. It's a High Performance Female Hockey programme. From what I understand, the athletes stay there all year. There is a link to the Oval Programme web page from the Canada page, or type the following URL into your web browser for more information: http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/oval/html/hockey.html

April Ice Women's Tournament in Calgary

This is a huge women's tournament that starts from the lowest level and goes up to the Senior women's level. The Senior women's event will be televised ... I'm not sure of which network. Anyways it will be a great promotional tournament for women's hockey. The tournament runs April 12-14, 1996 in Calgary, Alberta.

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