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Have you ever played online slots before? Some of them are so exciting, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were playing an award-winning computer game. In fact, the best slots these days are a match for the best computer games. Thus, perhaps it’s no surprise that Mega Reel online slots are spearheading growth in the gambling industry.

What are Online Slots?

With rows, reels, and paylines, online slots operate just like regular slot machines; however, they can be played from the comfort of our own homes on tablets, desktops, and smartphones. And online slots are even easier to play than traditional slots as you don’t have to keep chucking coins into a machine before each spin. Moreover, you can play remote slots anytime and anywhere you wish – and as a result, they’re far more convenient than their forefathers.

Online Slots are Attracting New Customers

Online slots are winning slots a host of new admirers. While gambling used to be a predominantly male pastime, these days it’s being played by more and more women. In fact, according to a study done by the UK Gambling Commission last year, 39% of online slots players are women. Plus,  the amount of women gambling on their mobiles in the UK increased by 5% last year – and bingo and mobile slots were primarily responsible for this rise. But why are women turning to slots? Well, a lot of research has shown that women prefer to gamble in private, on their mobile phones.

In addition, people who have never played traditional slots are now playing slots thanks to improved gameplay and their availability on remote devices. And communication between slot developers and customers  has improved dramatically because of things like push notifications. Thus, it’s easy to see why slots are becoming more popular around the world.

Online Slots: The Future of Slots

Renewed interest in slots is creating new opportunities for slot developers to make games even better. Although improved technology has paved the way for the amazing slots available today, the slots of the future will be far superior. VR is expected to revolutionize slot games. In fact, it’s already making its mark through the world’s first virtual casino – SlotsMillion. Established in 2017, this casino transports you to a stylish skyscraper. And once you enter the lounge, you’re presented with several slot games. But to access these games, you have to approach the physical machines in this virtual world. The experience is mesmerising.

Many more slot developers will start taking advantage of VR, but augmented reality (AR) slots could be widespread, too. AR games will be similar to VR ones, yet instead of taking you to a virtual casino, they’ll transport you to  a slot that projects its reels into a real-world environment.

Final Thoughts

Online slots are attracting new customers and accelerating growth in the gambling industry. Furthermore, they’re driving future changes, too. Therefore, if you haven’t played a mobile slot before, why don’t you try playing one now?