Women's Professional Hockey League

Five Franchise Site Finalists

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 09:08:38 EST
From: Ed Saunders (ESaund1005@aol.com)


Pre-season Camp Set to Open October 18th

Amherst, NH - Women's Professional Hockey League, Inc. has revealed five finalists in the franchise site selection process.

In addition, league president Ed Saunders indicated that the organization is seeking to establish a partnership in the Toronto area. "We intend to have a presence in greater Toronto for our inaugural season," said Saunders. "We have contacted those with whom we are interested in developing a working relationship in Ontario, and are waiting for a formal response."

For more information see the Concord Monitor women's hockey web site at www.concordmonitor.com

Waiting Lists for Potential Ticket Buyers

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 18:46:55 EST
From: Ed Saunders (ESaund1005@aol.com)

For Immendiate Release
February 7, 1998


Overwhelming Response Prompts Short Term Action

Amherst, NH - Following its announcement of five franchise site finalists, Women's Professional Hockey League, Inc. is preparing to open waiting lists for those interested in purchasing tickets for games scheduled to begin next fall.

On Monday, February 2nd, Women's Professional Hockey League, Inc. announced that it had arrived at five finalists in the franchise site selection process for its four teams: Hookset, NH; Marlboro, MA; Billerica, MA; Pierrefonds, QUE; Bridgeport, CT. The league is scheduled to commence its inaugural season on November 1st.

The league is preparing to accept names of those interested in reserving a place on ticket waiting lists for each of the five sites. "In response to the announcement, we have received numerous inquiries as to the ticketing process. Our intent was, and remains, to formally begin ticketing proceedures in conjunction with the final announcement of site locations," said league president Edward Saunders. "In the interim, we have devised a plan that will fairly allow those who want to reserve a place in line to do so now."

Because the facilities under consideration are of limited capacity, league officials want to be sure that ticket distribution proceedures are fair and equitable. As of Monday, February 9th, the league will accept names of those interested in tickets. Names may be submitted with a self-addressed, stamped postcard, requested franchise site, and number of tickets desired. Lists will be composed based on the order in which correspondence is received.

Requests may be sent to:

Women's Professional Hockey League, Inc.
PO Box 226
Amherst, NH 03031

Letter from the President

Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 06:57:11 EST
From: Ed Saunders (ESaund1005@aol.com)


As president of Women's Professional Hockey League, Inc., I feel it is important I clear up a few misconceptions that are out there about our company and our mission. Please allow me a few minutes to clearly explain the motivation behind our project.

We are not by any means trying to "cash in" on the tremendous exposure the sport is receiving from the Olympics. That is an unfair statement by someone unfamiliar with our organization. Women's Professional Hockey League, Inc. is composed of a group of people, including players like Erin Whitten, Karyn Bye, Katie King, and many others who are interested in creating greater opportunity in the sport of women's ice hockey. In fact, that is our mission. To create greater opportunity at all ages and skill levels of the game. To that extent we have been working with the likes of USA Hockey and The Women's Sports Foundation to ensure our program meets the needs of not only our athletes, but the sport itself.

We are not trying to be a WNHL. The model we have used falls more along the lines of men's major junior hockey in Canada. Unfortunately, no such program exisits for the world's finest women's hockey players. As a result, many have indicated that after the Olympics, they will retire. They will leave the game that has been so important in their lives thus far. Ask yourself, what message does that send to the thousands of young women and girls out there that may choose to participate in women's ice hockey? If you're not one of the fortunate 20 to make the national squad in your country, where do you go to compete after college? Where do you train for the 2002 games? I know several world class players who are unexpectedly facing those questions on a daily basis right now.

As for being financed by "public contributions", it appears as if I have been misquoted. Unfortunately it is impossible to ensure we are always fairly represented. Our organization is a grassroots organization. We are establishing support networks in each of the communities in which we hope to operate. This means local facility operators, sponsors, and jobs for our players who may need them. Of course we hope to sell hot dogs and soda, t- shirts and hats. But those are only small pieces of the giant puzzle. We are also working with major national sponsors, USA Hockey, and private investors like Jack McGregor (founder of the Pittsburgh Penguins).

We are not trying to sell tickets at this moment. We have had an influx of requests for information since our announcement last week. We simply wanted to provide those who would like the opportunity to put their name on a list to do so. That's all. We are not asking anyone to "buy" tickets at this time.

We just recently celebrated the second anniversary of the project. We are very excited that we are moving ever closer to our inaugural game on November 1st. I urge everyone to give us a chance to make a full-statement about our operation after we have selected franchise sites. Thanks to all those who have shown their support.

Ed Saunders

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