US Women’s University Team Shoots for the Moon
June 11, 2019

When it comes to American women’s hockey, the rest of the world is constantly looking to the United States in expectation of brilliance. This is true for every team, tournament, age group and gender involved – and, the US Women’s University Team has been consistently knocking it out of the park with their formidable skills.

Team USA is now looking to return to the podium once more after achieving a third place finish in the 2017 Winter World University Games (WWUG), a bi-annual hockey event. The tournament features players that also compete in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), making it one of the best contests to witness America’s top collegiate talent in action.

After their spectacular 6-1 win against China earlier this year in March, the US ladies were confident in facing the host Russians a few days later in the collegiate semi-finals. USA finished fourth in the preliminary round with a record win of 2-3, edging out the Chinese team for the final play-offs thanks to their aforementioned victory in the very last game of the round.

Britt Levasseur Offers Some Insight

Commenting on their performance, and their hopes for the future, members of the US team spoke more about the win later in various media interviews. According to US forward Britt Levasseur, she did not feel any personal pressure in facing Russia or China, but certainly did feel some pressure as a team due to the women’s national team’s history of success.

It certainly was a challenging task for the women’s team to face Russia particularly; even more so since this is a team that completed its preliminary round with a flawless 5-0 record and a goal differential of +39. Unsurprisingly, bettors from every corner of the planet were placing their wagers at sports betting sites, apuestas deportivas Argentina and the likes in hopes of getting in on some of the unforgettable action. Levasseur was one of just four returning players from the 2017 WWUG team, and with only four returns on the roster, many of those players were wearing their Team USA jerseys and playing internationally for the first time ever.

American Hockey Players Living the Dream

Commenting further, Levasseur noted at the time that the most she could do for her team was to reassure them at, at the end of the day, it was just a hockey game. Whether they were playing Japan, Russia or any other nation, she said, it’s important for all participants to realize that mistakes can and do happen – but that it’s what you do after those mistakes happen that define who you are as a player.

The player, who is a junior at Adrian College in Michigan, has also learned many valuable lessons from witnessing the action first hand at the Winter World University Games. In an interview, she explained that the pace of the WWUG is much quicker than the ACHA, which can be a shock to the system for any player who is unfamiliar with it, and they need to learn how to deal with it, quickly. She says that it has helped her to prepare for her future in competitive sports so that she can at least compete at that same high level of performance.

Additionally, the opportunity has also given players like Levasseur and many of her teammates a chance to be seen by USA Hockey, and perhaps to be considered for a spot on the coveted national team if one ever becomes available. In the meantime, while many players still dream of competing on an international level, Levasseur and the US Women’s University Team are quickly turning their own dreams into reality.


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