Six 2-Time Olympians Named to USA Women's Hockey Roster
January 11, 2018

Meghan Duggan, the captain of the American women’s hockey team, and Hilary Knight, the star forward, are among the 6 players with 2 Olympic silver medals confirmed to play in Pyeongchang in February. Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, her twin sister Monique Lamoureux-Morando, Gigi Marvin and Kacey Bellamy make up the remainder, and all also took part in the Olympic Games for Sochi and Vancouver. The 23-player roster for the women’s team was announced during the Winter Classic on Monday, along with the men’s hockey and sled hockey teams.

The 2 Last Players Cut from the Team Before Christmas

The women have all been in residency in Wesley Chapel, Florida, since back in September. Alex Carpenter, forward, and Megan Bozek, defenseman, were the final 2 players cut from the team just before Christmas.

13 First-Time Olympians Getting Ready

The American team includes 13 players heading to the Olympics for the first time, including 5 college players who will be putting their eligibility on hold. Cayla Barnes is the youngest player, at just 18, and the defenseman is joined by Megan Keller and Kali Flanagan, both Boston College teammates. Kelly Pannek, forward, from the University of Minnesota, and Maddie Rooney, hailing from the University of Minnesota-Duluth will be taking part for the 1st time.

A Strong Core for the Americans

Besides the contingent of college players, the US team has been built around a core rich in experience. 8 of the players have taken part in over 100 international games with the team.

Canada is the One to Beat

As betting sites in Australia and the rest of the world start speculating, the Americans remain firm in their resolve to beat Canada. They are determined to take the gold medal home after their devastating overtime loss of 3 - 2 in the 2014 final. The Canadians have won the last 4 Olympic tournaments, but the USA has managed 3 consecutive World Championship victories since the Sochi Games. Who will emerge victorious remains to be seen! We will simply have to wait and see.

The USA Hockey Battle of 2017 Brought Them Closer

Members of Team USA say that the struggle they were involved with against USA Hockey last year regarding equitable benefits and pay has brought them closer. The team warned that they would be boycotting the World Championships that were set for the end of March 2017 before they negotiated a 4-year deal that increased the levels of financial support.

Knight was quoted as saying that the character of the women making up the American team was revealed by the battle and that they’d not retire quietly. She added that one could only participate in so many team building exercises to try to build chemistry between players, and the experience they all went through together has made a huge difference.

The battle was a lengthy one, continuing for 14 months, but the 3-time defending World Champions refused to back down, demanding equal pay and benefits with their male counterparts, with these including more support for youth development in women’s hockey, maternity leave, and child care.


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