Only One Saskatchewan Player for Team Canada at Pyeongchang
January 12, 2018

Emily Clark is the one and only player on the Canadian women’s hockey team going to the Pyeongchang Games in February, and she has been working to get to this point for most of her life.

Team Saskatchewan and Team Canada was Always on the Cards

Clark vividly recalls falling in love with the game at just six-years old, and she remembers putting up a handwritten sign on her bedroom wall stating that she would one day be playing not only for the Saskatchewan team, but for the national one as well. Just like when playing the pokies New Zealand has to offer, her dream came true too.

Clark spoke of the necessity of staying hopeful, and took a year off from playing for the University of Wisconsin this fall in the hopes of cracking the Team Canada roster. Clark revealed that the fact that the goal had been in her mind for as long as she could remember helped her stay on track, and she was reminded of the big picture whenever it got hard. The 22-year old forward, who spent her youth playing on boys’ teams in the Saskatoon region, can look back at her six-year old self with pride -she has more than fulfilled that long-ago promise!

Team Canada at the 2018 Olympic Games

Clark is the youngest member of the women’s hockey team heading for the 2018 Olympic Games, set to unfold in South Korea, and the only player from her province. The team are 5-time defending champions at the Olympics, even though the American squad have managed to win the past 4 IHF World Women’s Championships, with all of these were as a result of victories over the Canadians.

The Americans are the Main Opponents

Clark said that each game that the Canadian team play against their American counterparts is intense, and confirmed that they would be the squad’s biggest competition in Pyeongchang in February. She believes that her team will be able to hold their own however, stating that the Canadians have grit and an unmatched work ethic to spur them on. They are also known for beng good at gaming, as the many casinos in the provinces prove!

Hockey Came Naturally for Clark

Clark, the youngest of 6 kids, grew up in and around hockey rinks, watching her 4 older brothers play. She speaks of it being a natural progression for her, and by the age of 14 she was a part of Team Saskatchewan, participating at the Canada Winter Games. She has competed for the Canadian team in a total of 3 World Championships.

Rest and Hydration are Key

Clark says that her focus in Pyeongchang will be on staying hydrated and getting the rest she needs. She said that the competition is a short one, but it has a lot of volume packed into it, which is why this kind of preparation was key. She mentioned further that she has a number of mentors to call on as she needs, and that her Olympic journey will be full of all the advice and support she requires as a result.

Clark’s advice for players hoping to follow in her wake is very simple: all you need is the willingness to work harder than anyone else. She said that the extra work paid off, and that finding the fun in this approach was the key to making your dreams come true!


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