How Nadine Muzerall is Changing the Ohio State Women's Hockey Programme
January 12, 2018

Nadine Muzerall left the interview she had undergone for the head coaching position for the Ohio State women’s hockey team feeling something was amiss. She knew that it wasn’t as a result of anything that anyone had said during the meeting, which took place back in August of 2016, she just could not believe how woebegone the two players she has spoken with were. The dejection and sadness coating the two most important players she would go on to inherit, forward Lauren Spring and defender Jincy Dunne, was simply horrifying.

They Players Were Utterly Downcast

Muzerall said that the women looked incredibly sad while they were asking her their questions, and she got upset about it because it was a simply ridiculous situation. Muzerall feels that the entire college experience should be an extraordinary one, made up of some of the best moments of your life, and that something was seriously wrong if this was not the case. She thought of her own college exploits and decided that she was going to make sure these women were not being robbed of that. 

A 5-Time National Champion

Muzerall is a national champion 5 times over, once as a player and 4 times as an assistant coach, at Minnesota, and was a top recruit in 1997. She decided to play for the Gophers’ women’s hockey programme in its first season, and went on to become 1 of the most decorated athletes in the history of the state, becoming the first female hockey player to be inducted into the university athletics Hall of Fame.

Muzerall chose not to join up with a programme that was nationally recognised, and went on to build the foundation for the Minnesota’s women’s hockey team first as a player, in the first team the university created, and afterwards as a coach.

She decided to do just that at Ohio State.

Two Years Later: A Complete Turnaround

Muzerall is now enjoying her 2nd year as the head coach, and is busy tearing down and rebuilding a pitiful programme on pace to have the most successful season in the programme’s history. She has done this by putting pillars into place that highlight the triumphant culture to which she became accustomed, and punters who enjoy taking part in women’s hockey by means of the betting NZ and the rest of the world provides should watch this space!

The Buckeyes are Brilliant

The Buckeyes are currently ranked 8th in the whole of the USA, with a record of 13 - 5 – 4 and are becoming legends in their own right. The team also managed to get ranked as high as the 3rd position nationally after they started the season with 7 - 0 - 1. She took over a bottom feeder of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association that won 10 games before she became it’s 3rd head coach, and managed to transform it into a force to be reckoned with.

Leaving a Legacy Behind Her

Muzerall speaks of building something lasting, and being able to show her own daughter just what her mother has managed to accomplish. This programme is possibly the most astonishing turnaround at Ohio State in 10 years -and it is exactly what needed to happen!


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