Daoust Wants Gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics
January 12, 2018

Mélodie Daoust, the former captain for the Martlets and 3-time McGill female athlete of the year, will once again be donning a Canadian jersey come mid-February, at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in in South Korea. Daoust completed Physical and Health Education from McGill last spring, and is one of the 23 players named to represent Canada in the Olympic women’s hockey team for the Winter Games this year.

The Second Olympic Journey for Daoust

This will be the second time that Daoust attends the Olympics. She was previously the youngest member of the team that brought the gold medal home to Canada, at 2014’s Sochi Olympics. The Canadian women’s hockey squad has managed to bring home the gold medal a total of 4 times, and hopes are high that this year will see them return with a 5th.

Daoust spoke of the team wanting to win once more, in part to grow the women’s hockey scene and recruit more fans. She stated that her squad went to war whenever they played against the American team, and that their friendship ended there -they both want to win.

McGill was the Foundation for Daoust’s Current Success

Daoust has praised McGill, and stated that the foundation for the accomplishments she is now making were laid there. She went on to specifically mention Peter Smith, thanking him for allowing her to start building her brand, and the university as a whole for helping her grow as a person. She has just turned 26-years old, and states that she would not be anywhere near where she is today without the support of the community of McGill. She concluded that she hoped to make them proud in Pyeongchang.

Hard Work is the Order of the Day

As fans and punters start preparing for the sports betting NZ and the rest of the world makes available, the Canadian women’s hockey team is hard at work. The head coach for the Martlets, Peter Smith, who also served as the assistant coach for the Canadian team at 2 Winter Olympics, spoke of how dedicated Daoust and her teammates were.
He mentioned how much she had improved, noting that she had faced some adversity in overcoming injuries, and said she was a smart woman, a tough competitor, and able to read the game well.

Daoust to Carry the Torch

Smith spoke of producing a number of Olympians, and stated that Daoust would be carrying on the tradition, and taking the torch forward. He then mentioned how important it was for the McGill Martlets hockey programme to carry on recruiting gifted players like her for precisely this reason. Unlike the Formula One season and other sporting disciplines the Olympics only comes around every 4 years, making it all more crucial for training to be conducted properly.

Daoust 1 of 5 Returning to the Olympics

Daoust served as the captain for the Martlets on 2 occasions, and scored 116 goals and 272 points in a total of 143 games. She is a 4-time All-Canadian, and won the Gladys Bean Trophy 3 times as McGill’s female athlete of the year.

She is one of 5 McGill women’s hockey players to be returning to the Games, along with Catherine Ward, Kim St. Pierre, Charline Labonté, and Laura Ruhnke.


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