Expectations Have Been Raised for the Women’s Hockey Team at UVM
Sept 30, 2017

‘Tis the season for new players, fresh coaches, and a pristine season –as well as raised expectations for the women’s hockey team at the University of Vermont.
As Jim Plumer starts off his sixth season as the head coach for the team, the Catamounts plan to bring bigger challenges to Hockey East’s conventional powers. In order to achieve this goal, Plumer needs to supervise the integration of new assistants, incoming freshmen, and returning veterans in order to ensure all goes smoothly and everyone is able to perform as they are expected to.

A Big Change in Play with the Catamounts

As can sometimes be the case with real money slots, to start winning, you sometimes need to address the way you’re playing, which is exactly what the Catamounts started doing a year ago. It was then that Plumer directed the team to start focussing more on puck possession, and pay attention to a more aggressive, offensive style of play. While this strategy is still in a process of refinement, Plumer has stated that he currently has the most talented roster of his tenure thus far, and is looking forward to doing great things with them.

Everyone Seems to Have Aligned

Kelly Nash, the previous associate head coach, has moved to Princeton; Ashley Salerno, the former assistant coach, is now running the Castleton University programme; and the director of hockey operations, Greg Adrian, has also departed. Jess Koizumi, Josh Liegl, and Josh Graser are the respective replacements.
While turnovers that are this extensive usually create total chaos, Plumer believes that his new coaches, his returning players, and his talented rookies will mesh as one coordinated unit sooner rather than later. He stated that everyone is philosophically on the same page, in terms of how vital a good relationship with the players is, and that the focus should always remain on how to best bring out the players’ individual talents.
Plumer went on to say that he knows the people that he has hired well, and that they believe in the same things he does, and thus he has high hopes for what the women’s hockey team from Vermont will be doing this season. He wants to do things by the book, and doesn’t want to become one of the many sporting myths that go in hard and fast, and then fade away.

Plumer has Promised to be Patient

Plumer has, however, conceded that he will have to be more patient when it comes to pushing the University of Vermont’s players as the new assistants and rookie players settle in and get used to each other, but he hopes that his stellar veteran talents who are returning to play will help make the adjustment as painless as possible. Taylor Willard, Eve-Marie Picard, Saama Valkama, Alyssa Gorecki and Ali O’Leary are all back for more, and some exciting pairings will be happening for the team as they head in to 2017.
Plumer stated that, when 2017 was compared to any of the other years that he had been in charge, there was more potential for moving pieces and more players who can get up and down the ice alongside the very best players.


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