US Olympic Women’s Hockey Team Stays Strong
October 31, 2017

The Women’s Ice Hockey Tournaments at the 2018 edition of the Winter Olympics will take place from 10 to 22 February next year in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the United States team has never been more united. This has helped the athletes to maintain their dominance in the sport, and they all have high hopes of bringing gold home next year.

Fighting for Equality Together

Although there is always a general spirit of camaraderie in the team, a big part of the current cohesion is down to the recent battles for gender equality. There have been successes and there are challenges that remain, and together these foster a sense of being strong and of needing to stay strong within the team. These ideals keep them going and bond them closer together.

As a case in point, to illustrate the tenacity of the US Women’s Hockey team, just 3 days after the landmark deal was announced, they took to the ice in the World Championships that were held in Plymouth, Michigan. This is an impressive enough display of their physical and mental stamina, but they went on to win their fourth gold medal in a row for the tournament!

It’s been a lot more hard work than getting a no deposit casino bonus could ever be, but everyone involved would agree that it has been well worth it, both for the current changes and for the future input in furthering women’s and girls’ Ice Hockey in North America the female athletes are going to have.

Emotionally Drained but Closer than Ever

Many US Women’s Hockey players have publicly commented on the toll that the equality campaign took on them, but on how proud and connected to their teammates they feel now. Forward Hilary Knight, one of the team’s brightest stars and a 2-time Olympic silver medallist, spoke of the strength of character displayed by the women during the equitable sport battle, and said it had done more than any amount of team-building exercises ever could to bring them together.

Knight has also said that she feels personally proud of what the women achieved. The spirit of togetherness and mutual support should stand the women in great stead when they run out onto the field at the Gangneung and Kwandong Hockey Centres in Korea in 2018, and some strong performances and nail-biting showdowns are expected.

Doing it for Themselves and Future Generations

Megan Duggan, the team’s Captain and Forward, was instrumental in the campaign. A big slogan during the fight was “you cannot be what you cannot see”, emphasising how important it was for the women’s training and games to be more visible so that younger girls would know them and aspire to play like them. In almost every sector, men’s sports are at the forefront, but there is hope that this will change in the future.

Duggan explained that the current athletes want to inspire the next generation, be their role models and show them what they can be. Equally important is the hope that this gives to female athletes in other sports, and in other parts of the world. Players have commented that not every demand was met and that not everything is perfect, but that it is a major step forward as they continue crusading.

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