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Saint-Fidèle-de-Restigouche, 21 Feb 2017
Saint-Fidèle-de-Restigouche is a song I wrote with the collaboration of Mike Ford, when he was artist-in-residence at the Mimico Library. This song tells the story of the village of Saint-Fidèle-de-Restigouche, through the eyes of my father.


Kap à Toronto, 21 Feb 2017 & 15 Feb 2018
This is the first song I ever wrote, back in September, 2016. I was born and raised in Kapuskasing, a primarily French speaking community in Northern Ontario. I grew up in a French speaking household, a "franco-ontarien", and never thought I'd end up living in Toronto ... and loving it! This is the story of my journey from Kapuskasing to Southern Ontario, settling down with my best beloved in Mimico, on the shores of Lake Ontario, and raising an "anglo-franco" family in the beautiful multi-cultural city that is Toronto!


M-I-M-I-C-O, 21 Feb 2017
This song is a tribute to the kids, the parents, and all the awesome volunteers that make the MCHA (Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association) a special place to grow up and play hockey! Let's Go Mimico!


Ontario Northland Blues, 15 Feb 2018
This song is a story about a bus trip home for Christmas, from Sudbury to Kapuskasing, in Northern Ontario.


Way We Go!, 9 Apr 2018
Our kids play hockey for the Mimico Canadiens, and our son is participating in a cultural exchange sponsored by Experiences Canada. Two hockey teams from Mimico (our neighbourhood of Toronto), and two from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, are taking turns hosting each other. This song celebrates this incredible opportunity!