Song List


Kap à Toronto
This is the first song I ever wrote, back in September, 2016. I was born and raised in Kapuskasing, a primarily French speaking community in Northern Ontario. I grew up in a French speaking household, a "franco-ontarien", and never thought I'd end up living in Toronto ... and loving it! This is the story of my journey from Kapuskasing to Southern Ontario, settling down with my best beloved in Mimico, on the shores of Lake Ontario, and raising an "anglo-franco" family in the beautiful multi-cultural city that is Toronto!


In 2006, our second child, Joséphine was born. It was with great joy that we awaited her birth. Unfortunately, she was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and only lived 17 days. This song was written in memory of her, and tells of the joy of expecting parents, the gift of having her with us for 17 days, the deep sorrow of losing Joséphine, but also of the hope that she brings to us every day, as our little angel up in Heaven.


J'ai largué le câble
One of the first songs I wrote with Mike Ford's help, it's a call and response song. It talks about all the important things we can do in life when we free ourselves from the shackles of that which wants to monopolize our attention.


Tasmanian Angel
When my wife, Andria, played hockey at the University of New Hampshire, her nickname was Taz, because on the ice she was like the Tasmanian Devil from the cartoons. However, she is about the friendliest, and cleanest player on the ice, winning many Most Sportsmanship awards, and often going a whole season without a penalty. One day, the title of this song came to me, and I just knew I had to write it!


Noble November
I've always had a soft spot for the month of November, and it seemed to me that other Fall months were always more prominent in songs, so I decided to honour it. It's also a good way to acknowledge some of the people that are important to me, like my mother, my godmother, and our son Rémy.


Ontario Northland Blues
This song is a story about a long bus trip home for Christmas, from Sudbury to Kapuskasing, in cold, cold, Northern Ontario.


This song tells the story of the village Saint-Fidèle-de-Restigouche, through my father's eyes. St-Fidèle, which was once perched in the mountains of the lower Gaspé peninsula, is the village where my father grew up, where my parents met, where we spent our summer vacations, and that was shut down in 1974.


Partons la mer est belle
This traditional song from the French-Canadian folklore, brings back fond childhood memories. When my mother played songs on the piano, my father would often ask her to play "Partons la mer est belle".


This song is a tribute to the kids, the parents, and all the awesome volunteers that make the MCHA (Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association) a special place to grow up and play hockey. M-I-M! I-C-O! Let's Go Mimico!


Songs of Home
If Kap à Toronto is my geographical and linguistic odyssey, Songs of Home is my musical voyage, and expresses my passion for Canadian folk music. This song is a musical journey, from the wonderful gift of my first guitar at Christmas in 2012, to learning on my own and with invaluable teachers, and culminating with the incredible and fortuitous collaboration with Mike Ford, and the creation of my very own folk songs!


My father-in-law suffers from vascular dementia, and we have seen him slowly go downhill over the last few years. He stayed with us for about a month during the Spring of 2017, and I wanted to write a song about his touching struggles with memory loss.


Do-Do on the Go
Every summer, our kids participate in the Lakefield Fair, and most of the time, I can only join them on the weekend. Since there is a rabbit show for kids on the Sunday or the fair, I usually bring our bunny Dodo with me on the GO train on Saturday. Last summer, as Dodo and I were coming back home on the GO train, I wrote this song about his annual trip to the fair.


Way We Go!
Our kids play hockey for the Mimico Canadiens, and our son is participating in a cultural exchange sponsored by Experiences Canada. Two hockey teams from Mimico (our neighbourhood of Toronto), and two from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, are taking turns hosting each other. This song celebrates this incredible opportunity!