2015 Women's World Hockey Championship

General Information

The 2015 World Championship took place in Malmo, Sweden from March 28 to April 4, 2015.

Congratulations to Team USA for defeating Team Canada 7-5 in a very exciting gold medal final game! Team USA took an early lead in the game, but a very determined Team Canada came back to tie the game 5-5. With just over 8 minutes left in the game, Team USA scored to make it 6-5, and then added an assurance powerplay goal with 6:42 left in the game to seal their win.

Competition Pools

Group A:


Group B:

Canada flag Canada

Germany flag Germany

Finland flag Finland

Japan flag Japan

Russia flag Russia

Sweden flag Sweden

USA flag USA

Switzerland flag Switzerland


Nr Group Date Time Phase Venue Game
1 B 27 Mar, Fri 12:00 GMT+1 PRE Malmo Isstadion SWE SWE3-4JPN JPN
2 B 27 Mar, Fri 14:00 GMT+1 PRE Rosengards Ishall GER GER2-5SUI SUI
3 A 27 Mar, Fri 16:00 GMT+1 PRE Malmo Isstadion USA USA4-2CAN CAN
4 A 27 Mar, Fri 20:00 GMT+1 PRE Malmo Isstadion FIN FIN3-2RUS RUS
5 B 28 Mar, Sat 12:00 GMT+2 PRE Malmo Isstadion SUI SUI2-3SWE SWE
6 B 28 Mar, Sat 14:00 GMT+2 PRE Rosengards Ishall JPN JPN2-0GER GER
7 A 28 Mar, Sat 16:00 GMT+2 PRE Malmo Isstadion CAN CAN4-0RUS RUS
8 A 28 Mar, Sat 20:00 GMT+2 PRE Malmo Isstadion USA USA4-1FIN FIN
9 A 30 Mar, Mon 12:00 GMT+2 PRE Malmo Isstadion RUS RUS2-9USA USA
10 B 30 Mar, Mon 14:00 GMT+2 PRE Rosengards Ishall SUI SUI3-0JPN JPN
11 A 30 Mar, Mon 16:00 GMT+2 PRE Malmo Isstadion CAN CAN6-2FIN FIN
12 B 30 Mar, Mon 20:00 GMT+2 PRE Malmo Isstadion GER GER0-4SWE SWE
13 31 Mar, Tue 16:00 GMT+2 QF Malmo Isstadion FIN FIN3-0SUI SUI
14 31 Mar, Tue 18:00 GMT+2 REL Rosengards Ishall JPN JPN3-2GER GER
15 31 Mar, Tue 20:00 GMT+2 QF Malmo Isstadion RUS RUS2-1SWE SWE
16 2 Apr, Thu 12:00 GMT+2 SF Malmo Isstadion USA USA13-1RUS RUS
17 2 Apr, Thu 14:00 GMT+2 REL Rosengards Ishall GER GER1-2JPN JPN
18 2 Apr, Thu 16:00 GMT+2 SF Malmo Isstadion CAN CAN3-0FIN FIN
19 3 Apr, Fri 12:00 GMT+2 Bronze Malmo Isstadion FIN FIN4-1RUS RUS
21 3 Apr, Fri 16:00 GMT+2 Gold Malmo Isstadion USA USA7-5CAN CAN


Final Placings

  1. Team USA (gold)
  2. Team Canada (silver)
  3. Team Finland (bronze)
  4. Team Russia
  5. Team Sweden
  6. Team Switzerland
  7. Team Japan
  8. Team Germany (relegated)

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