1999 Women's World Hockey Championship
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General Information

The 1999 Pool A Women's World Championship was held in Espoo, Finland from March 8-14, 1999. Team Canada won the gold, Team USA the silver, and Team Finland the bronze.

The top five teams from the 1998 Winter Olympics qualified, along with the top three teams from the World Championship qualification tournament.

This is the first year for a Pool B World Championship. It will replace the European B Championships that have been held in the past. There was a detailed qualification process in 1998 to determine which teams would qualify for the Pool A and Pool B 1999 World Championships. There was a pre-qualification tournament, and then a qualification tournament.

The list below shows how the eight countries qualified to compete at the 1999 Pool A Women's World Hockey Championship. For a list of countries competing in the Pool B World Championship, see the Pool B 1999 WWC page.

March 8th, also known as the "International Women's Day", was the opening day of the Women's Ice Hockey World Championship in Finland. The games were played at the new ice rink in Espoo (called the Länsi-Auto Areena) and at Vantaa (Myyrmäki).

This was the second time that Finland hosted the World Championship; they hosted their first championship in Tampere in 1992. The official opening ceremony was held on Monday, March 8th before the game between Finland and Germany, at 7.30 p.m. A total of 20 games were played in the tournament.

Final Placings

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Finland
  4. Sweden
  5. China
  6. Russia
  7. Germany
  8. Switzerland

Pre-World Championship Play

In preparation for the World Championships, and to enable the final rosters to be selected for the national teams, several countries competed in the 1998 Three Nations Cup and Canada and Finland played in a series of exhibition games which were held throughout Ontario and Quebec.


   GROUP A       GROUP B
   USA           Canada
   China         Finland
   Sweden        Germany
   Russia        Switzerland


   March 8
           1. USA 10 vs Russia 2         16:30  Espoo
           2. China 1 vs Sweden 3        16:30  Vantaa
           3. Canada 10 vs Switzerland 0 20:00  Vantaa
           4. Finland 9 vs Germany 0     20:00  Espoo

   March 9
           5. Germany 0 vs Canada 13     16:30  Espoo
           6. China 3 vs Russia 2        16:30  Vantaa
           7. Sweden 0 vs USA 11         20:00  Vantaa
           8. Finland 7 vs Switzerland 0 20:00  Espoo

   March 11
           9. Russia 0 vs Sweden 7       16:30  Espoo
          10. USA 6 vs China 0           16:30  Vantaa
          11. Switzerland 4 vs Germany 5 20:00  Vantaa
          12. Canada 1 vs Finland 0      20:00  Espoo

   March 12
          13. B3 (Ger 2) vs A4 (Rus 6)   16:30  Vantaa
          14. A3 (Chi 3) vs B4 (Swi 2)   20:00  Vantaa

   March 13
          15. B1 (Can 4) vs A2 (Swe 1)   14:00  Espoo
          16. A1 (Usa 3) vs B2 (Fin 1)   19:30  Espoo

   March 14
          17. Russia 1  vs China 4       12:00  Vantaa - 5th Place
          18. Germany 3 vs Switzerland 0 16:00  Vantaa - 7th Place
          19. Sweden 2  vs Finland 8     14:00  Espoo  - Bronze
          20. Canada 3  vs USA 1         18:00  Espoo  - Gold

     All times indicated are local Finnish time.

TSN broadcasted the semi-final game on March 13 at 7am EST, and the gold medal final game on March 14 at 11am EST. [The final was also replayed at 3:30 am EST on March 15th.]

Final Placings

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Finland
  4. Sweden
  5. China
  6. Russia
  7. Germany
  8. Switzerland


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