Pre-Qualification Tournament for
1999 Women's World Championship

Colmar, France, January 27-29 1998

The information in this file was provided by Nick Heim ( who was formerly the head coach of Team Switzerland.

From January 27-29th 1998, a Pre-Qualification Tournament for the World Championships in 1999 was held in Colmar, France. The four teams competing were the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, and the Netherlands. These teams were selected to participate in this pre-qualification tournament because they placed from 3rd to 6th place at the 1996 European B Championship.

The top two teams from this Pre-Qualification Tournament (Czech Rep and France) qualify for the second WWC Qualification Tournament in Füssen, Germany and Huttwil, Switzerland from March 23-27th 1998.

The reason for the elaborate qualification process this year is that there will now be an A Pool for the World Championship, and a B Pool for the World Championship. This will be instead of the European Championships. The 1999 A Pool World Championship was held in Finland, while the 1999 B Pool World Championship was held in Colmar, France.

Game Results

The countries in this pre-qualification tournament played a round-robin series against each other. The number of total points was used to determine the top two teams.

 Jan 27 1998: Czech Rep.  6 -vs- Netherlands 2
 Jan 27 1998: France      3 -vs- Slovakia    1
 Jan 28 1998: Slovakia    2 -vs- Czech Rep.  7
 Jan 28 1998: Netherlands 1 -vs- France      7
 Jan 29 1998: Netherlands 0 -vs- Slovakia    4
 Jan 29 1998: Czech Rep.  4 -vs- France      2   (1:0,3:0,0:2)

Final Standings

 Place Team        G  W  T  L  GF:GA Pts.
  1.  Czech Rep.   3  3  0  0  17:6   6
  2.  France       3  2  0  1  12:6   4
  3.  Slovakia     3  1  0  2  7:10   2
  4.  Netherlands  3  0  0  3  3:17   0

The Czech Republic and France therefore were promoted to the WWC Qualification Tournament in Germany/Switzerland. France was promoted into group A played at Füssen, Germany, and Czechia was promoted to group B played at Huttwil, Switzerland.

Teams Qualifying for Qualification Tournament

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