Pacific Rim
Women's Hockey

The 1996 Pacific Rim Tournament was held in British Columbia, Canada from April 1-6, 1996.
The final placings for the four participating countries are:

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. China
  4. Japan

Results of All Games:

Date    Time     Teams              Result

960401 6:00 pm   USA - China          4:2
960401 9.00 pm   Canada - Japan      12:0
960402 6:00 pm   Canada - China       1:0
960402 9.00 pm   Japan - USA         16:0
960403 6:00 pm   China - Japan        4:1
960403 9.00 pm   Canada - USA         3:2

960405 6.00 pm   Canada - Japan      18:0
960405 9.00 pm   USA - China          5:0

960406 1.00 pm   Bron: China - Japan  5:1
960406 4.00 pm   Gold: Canada - USA   4:1

Info from the tournament organizers:

The following two files are available from members of the Pacific Rim organizing committee. Keith Snazel maintains the official Pacific Rim homepage with complete tournament statistics. The other file contains messages posted to the women-in-hockey mailing list by Tom Chan.

Tom's Tournament Summary

The 1996 Pacific Women's Hockey Championship is over with Canada winning the Gold and the USA receiving the Silver.

It featured outstanding goaltending from the Chinese team, which is why the scores were what they were between USA and Canada during round robin play. She was deservingly the recipient of the Tournament's outstanding goaltender award.

The Host committee was active from March 29th with pre-event exhibition game, to April 6th with the Gold medal game.

Thanks to all that attended and all the support from all volunteers who are on the net and sponsors too!

The Minoru Arena in Richmond, B.C. has not been home to such crowds and enthusiastic fans for many years. The final ticket count was 2235 (which is higer than reported in the press as we did not have this number at time of filing by the press). For information, the normal capacity of the arena is 1600 but we could not turn away the line-up of fans out the door so we ensured every available inch was utilized.

We can now relax and rest.......

To the teams, you were great. Team Japan was young but kept being positive and were the Championship's darling team.

Watch out for China. Once they get some offensive skills and stickhandling, they will definitely give the USA and Canada a run for their money.

This Championship is definitely the beginning of the "Road to Nagano, Japan 1998."

Tom Chan

Info from the CHA

Other Info

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