Women's European Hockey Championships

The A and B European women's hockey championships took place approximately every two years, between 1989 and 1996. The A European Championship served as a qualifier for the World Championship. The winner of the B European Championship moved up to the A European Championship, and the loser of the A European Championship moved down to the B European Championship, after each competition.

Starting in the spring of 1998, the European Championships have been replaced with an A Pool and B Pool for the World Championships. There was a pre-qualification and a qualification tournament to determine which teams would compete in each of these two pools initially.

As of 2004, there is now a European Women Championship Cup, to determine the best club team in Europe.

European Women Championship Cup Winners by Year

  Year Location             Gold     Silver  Bronze

  2004 Sweden               Sweden   Russia  Switzerland

Pool A European Championship Winners by Year

  Year Location             Gold     Silver  Bronze

  1989 West-Germany         Finland  Sweden  West-Germany
  1991 Czechoslovakia       Finland  Sweden  Denmark
  1993 Denmark              Finland  Sweden  Norway
  1995 Riga, Latvia         Finland  Sweden  Switzerland
  1996 Yaroslavl, Russia    Sweden   Russia  Finland

Pool B European Championship Winners by Year

  Year Location             Gold     Silver     Bronze

  1993 Kiev, Ukraine        Latvia   Czech Rep  France
  1995 Riga, Latvia         Russia   Denmark    Czech Republic
  1996 Yaroslavl, Russia    Denmark  Latvia     Czech Republic

European Championship Qualification Games

  Year Location             Gold     Silver

  1989 England              Holland  England
  1992 Ukraine/Latvia       Ukraine  Latvia

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