1999 USA Hockey InLine Cup

The USA Hockey InLine Cup is the nation's premier inline hockey tournament for adult teams (men and women). It was introduced in 1997 to provide national-level competition for adult players of all skill levels

This year's championship features four men's divisions and two women's divisions. The men's teams are participating in the following categories: Division I (Premier), Division II (Competitive), Division III (Novice) and a 35-and-Over age division. Also included is a College Club Division, which features five teams representing accredited college or universities. Following a preliminary round, the women's teams will be seeded within two divisions: Division I (Premier) and Division II (Competitive).

The 1999 USA Hockey InLine Cup took place from October 7-10, 1999 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Twelve women's teams were represented.

Teams Competing


Thu October 7th:
  L.A. Riot (Calif.) 11, Team Smash (Colo.) 0
  Barbie Gone Bad (Colo.) 3, Denver Drive (Colo.) 2
  Burly Foxes (Colo.) 4, The Swamp Thing (La.) 0
  Team Easton (Calif.) 5, Team Minnesota (Minn.) 0
  Franklin Typhoon (Canada) 11, University of Florida (Fla.) 0	
  Black Widows (Calif.) 4, Dry Ice (Calif.) 4
  L.A. Riot (Calif.) 14, University of Florida (Fla.) 0	
  Franklin Typhoon (Canada) 16, Team Smash (Colo.) 0
  Team Minnesota (Minn.) 7, The Swamp Thing (La.) 0
  Team Easton (Calif.) 7, Burly Foxes (Colo.) 1
  Black Widows (Calif.) 6, Barbie Gone Bad (Colo.) 2
  Dry Ice (Calif.) 4, Denver Drive (Colo.) 0

Fri October 8th:
  Franklin Typhoon (Canada) 4, L.A. Riot (Calif.) 1
  Team Smash (Colo.) 7, Univ. of Florida (Fla.) 1
  Team Easton (Calif.) 11, The Swamp Thing (La.) 0
  Team Minnesota (Minn.) 8, Burly Foxes (Colo.) 3
  Dry Ice (Calif.) 9, Barbie Gone Bad (Colo.) 1
  Black Widows (Calif.) 3, Denver Drive (Colo.) 1

Sat October 9th:
  Women's Division I
  * Round 1 *
  Team Minnesota (Minn.) 2, Dry Ice (Calif.) 1	
  L.A. Riot (Calif.) 3, Black Widows (Calif.) 2
  * Round 2 *
  Franklin Typhoon (Canada) 5, L.A. Riot (Canada) 0
  Team Easton (Calif.) 5, Team Minnesota (Minn.) 3 

  Women's Division II
  * Round 1 *
  Team Smash (Colo.) 7, Univ. of Florida (Fla.) 0
  Denver Drive (Colo.) 5, Swamp Things (La.) 3
  * Round 2 *
  Burly Foxes (Colo.) 2, Denver Drive (Colo.) 1
  Team Smash (Colo.) 5, Barbie Gone Bad (Colo.) 1 

Sun October 10th:
  Women's Division I
  * Championship Game *
  Franklin Typhoon 9, Team Easton 1

  Women's Division II
  * Championship Game *
  Burly Foxes 4, Team Smash 2

Final Placings

Women's Division I

  1. Franklin Typhoon
  2. Team Easton

Women's Division II

  1. Burly Foxes
  2. Team Smash

All-Tournament Team

Women's Division I
  Andria Hunter (Franklin Typhoon)
  Bridgette Richter (Team Easton)
  Kate MacNamara (Franklin Typhoon)
  Natasha Wright (L.A. Riot)
  Jamie Cuilde (Team Easton)
  Sportsmanship Award: Team Minnesota

Women's Division II
  Tammy Grimes (Burly Foxes)
  Jennifer Gonzales (Barbie Gone Bad)
  Deidre Whiting (Denver Drive)
  Susie Noble (Burly Foxes)
  Criss Doeppke (Denver Drive)
  Sportsmanship Award: Swamp Things

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