1998 Rinko De Mayo

Sacramento (Rancho Cordova), CA

Held at The Rink

22 women's teams competed in the second annual women's 1998 Rinko De Mayo inline hockey tournament, which was held in Rancho Cordova from May 15-17, 1998. This tournament is organized by Manon Rheaume.

There were 12 women's teams in the B division and 10 in the A division. The B division games took place before the A division, and the top two teams from the B division were promoted to the A division (so there were actually 12 teams that competed in the A division).

Both divisions were divided into 3 pools of 4 teams each. The top team in each pool and the team with the next highest record overall advanced to the semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals competed in the championship game.

Teams Competing


B Division Finals:
  Semi-final 1:  Team Easton "B" 2 -vs- Silicon Valley Quakes 1
  Semi-final 2:  Black Widows    2 -vs- El Nino 3
  Championship:  Team Easton "B" 0 -vs- El Nino 2

A Division Finals:
  Semi-final 1:  Team Easton "A" ? -vs- Redding Roadrunners ?
  Semi-final 2:  Toronto Typhoon 6 -vs- West Coast Revolution 2
  Championship:  Toronto Typhoon 9 -vs- Team Easton "A" 1

Final Placings ... TBA

 Pl. Team                             GP  W  L  T  PT  GF  GA

  1. Toronto Typhoon
  2. Team Easton "A"
  3. West Coast Revolution
  4. Redding Roadrunners

Awards : A Division (Platinum)

 Teams in Playoffs:
   Best Goalie:            Cary Wasburn, Team Easton A, Oakland, CA (96.77%)
   Most Points:            Andria Hunter, Toronto Franklin Typhoon (13G, 2A)
   Sportswomanship:        West Coast Revolution team
   Championship Game MVP:  Geraldine Heaney, Toronto Franklin Typhoon

 Teams not in Playoffs:
   Best Goalie:            Sami Jo Small, Rennegades, Santa Rosa (88.3%)
   Most Points:            Beckie Vickers, Sun Hockey Z Team (3G, 5A)

 Tournament All-Star Team:
   Sami Jo Small, Goalie, Renegades
   Cherie Stewart, Defense, Sun Hockey Z team
   Ashley Bradley, Defense, Redding Roadrunners, Redding, CA
   Hege Ask, Forward, Team Easton A
   Coley Dosser, Forward, Toronto Franklin Typhoon

Awards : B Division (Gold)

 Teams in Playoffs:
   Best Goalie:            Joanne Wallace, Team Easton B (93.3%)
   Most Points:            Shannon Corey, Silicon Valley Quakes (8G, 8A)
   Sportswomanship:        Rachel Meyer, University of California Davis

 Teams not in Playoffs:
   Best Goalie:            Anita Will, New Team, Rancho Cordova (89.71%)
   Most Points:            Diana Wakimoto, Sirens, Sacramento (4G, 2A)

 Tournament All-Star Team:
   Stefani Freeman, Black Widows Oldies but Goodies
   Heidi Zwicky, Silicon Valley Quakes
   Camille Hurtig, Stick It, Lake Elsinore
   Chikako Mese, El Nino
   Miranda Van Atta, New Team

Team Rosters - A Division

Toronto Franklin Typhoon -- Gold

 #  POS PLAYER                ICE HOCKEY TEAM
38   G  Keely Brown           University of Tornoto

 8   D  Ingrid Danylyk        Albon Men's Industrial A
10   D  Prisca Mosimann       DHC Langenthal, Switzerland

33   F  Bridget Bates         University of Toronto
 3  F/G Tracy Cook            University of Guelph
 9   F  Coley Dosser          University of Guelph
21   F  Donna Forbes          Hamilton Goldenhawks AA
91   D  Geraldine Heaney      North York Aeros AAA
55   F  Andria Hunter         Mississauga Chiefs AAA
17   F  Fiona McLeod          Scarborough Sting AAA

  Rob Insley   -- Coach and Trainer
  Sandy Nimmo  -- General Manager

Team Easton "A" -- Silver

 0   G  Cary Wasburn

 3      D. Johnson
 5      Heather Gold
 7      L. Clark
 8      A. Rohan
11      Hege Ask
88      D. Bertero

Team Rosters - B Division

El Nino -- Gold

13      M. Bas
18      K. Jones
05      R. Wright
81      Chikako Mese
 5      C. Carlia
12      M. Thayer
22      S. Decker
27      G. Tan
10      J. Tearyan
97      C. Hartell
25      R. Giorgio

Team Easton "B" -- Silver

11      E. Bautista
23      J. Pollonais
12      J. Prevost
18      T. Fronk
 9      K. Durand
44      S. Wong
10      F. Saswan
07      N. Mau
17      V. Chang
 1      J. Wallace
 6      A. Cesar
 8      M. Sherman
        L. Williams

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