ATTENTION all HIPCHECK subscribers and those interested in subscribing

In the summer of 1999, HIPCHECK magazine was forced to stop publishing due to the unexpected and unanticipated withdrawal of private financing. This was as much of a shock to the workers behind HIPCHECK as it must have been to all of you.

A flurry of activity ensued, including the preparation of a Business Plan, in an effort to replace the private financing. However, as months passed, it became obvious that this would not happen, at least not in the short term.

But, HIPCHECK has not forgotten you and has continued to explore options.

Recently, new partners have become involved and new directions and plans have been made which will help HIPCHECK make a comeback!!

When HIPCHECK relaunches, currently projected for September/October, 2001, you will see:

  1. A "new look" print publication, printed and distributed quarterly,k as part of a larger "membership" package. These issues will definitely be "keepers".
  2. A new, exciting and dynamic vertical Web Site, accessible to all, containing current and topical information.
  3. A "Members Only" interactive section of the Web Site, providing information and resources to help meet your specific needs.

When HIPCHECK relaunches, any exiting subscriptions will be honoured and "rolled over" into the new format. You will all be contacted by phone or by E-mail or by "snail mail", whatever is available to HIPCHECK from your file.

Thank you, from HIPCHECK, for your extreme patience and loyalty.