1999 Team USA - Three Nations Cup Roster

Here is U.S. National Team roster that competed at the 1999 Three Nations Cup in Montreal, Canada from November 28 to December 5, 1999.

U.S. Team Roster

  Name        Ht.    Wt.    Birthdate  S/CMost Recent    Hometown
  Sarah       5-7    140    4/26/76     L 1998 U.S.      Winnetka, Ill.
  Tueting                                 Olympic Team
  Erin        5-5    136    10/26/71    L 1999 U.S.      Glens Falls,
  Whitten                                 Women's        N.Y.
                                          National Team
  Chris       5-6    160    2/5/72      L 1999 U.S.      Marietta, N.Y.
  Bailey                                  Women's
                                          National Team
  Amy Coelho  5-8    155    5/24/75     R 1999 U.S.      Team North
                                          Women's        Truro, Mass.
                                          National Team
  Catherine   5-4    125    6/6/76      L 1999 U.S.      Marquette,
  Hanson                                  Women's        Mich.
                                          National Team
  Nicki       5-4    155    2/9/76      L Univ. of New   Tyngsboro,
  Luongo                                  Hampshire      Mass.
  Sue Merz    5-5    145    4/10/72     L 1999 U.S.      Greenwich,
                                          Women's        Conn.
                                          National Team
  Alana       5-7    132    4/29/74     R 1999 U.S.      St. Paul, Minn.
  Blahoski                                Women's
                                          National Team
  Karyn Bye   5-8    165    5/18/71     R 1999 U.S.      River Falls,
                                          Women's        Wis.
                                          National Team
  Tricia Dunn 5-8    150    Apr. 25,    L 1999 U.S.      Derry, N.H.
              (174)  (68)   1974          Women's
                                          National Team
  Brandy      5-5    150    10/28/75    R 1999 U.S.      Colton, N.Y.
  Fisher                                  Women's
                                          National Team
  Cammi       5-7    140    3/25/71     R 1999 U.S.      Downers Grove,
  Granato                                 Women's        Ill.
                                          National Team
  Melisa      5-8    145    7/7/77      L Univ. of New   Bloomington,
  Heitzman                                Hampshire      Minn.
  Katie King  5-9    180    5/24/75     L 1999 U.S.      Salem, N.H.
                                          National Team
  Shelley     5-5    140    1/21/72     R 1999 U.S.      Brownstown
  Looney                                  Women's        Twp., Mich.
                                          National Team
  Erin Magee  6-0    180    4/9/77      L Boston College Troy, N.Y.
  A.J.        5-11   160    6/14/75     L Harvard        Nantucket,
  Mleczko                                 University     Mass.
  Stephanie   5-7    150    7/30/71     L 1999 U.S.      Dorchester,
  O'Sullivan                              Women's        Mass.
                                          National Team
  Meaghan     5-6    147    3/12/76     L 1998 U.S.      East Amherst,
  Sittler                                 Women's Select N.Y.


  Head Coach                   Ben Smith          Gloucester, Mass.
  Assistant Coach              Colleen Coyne      Marblehead, Mass.

  USA Hockey President         Walter L. Bush Jr  Edina, Minn.

  USA Hockey International
  Council Chairman             Ron DeGregorio     Salem, N.H.

  USA Hockey Executive
  Director                     Doug Palazzari     Colorado Springs, Colo.

  USA Hockey Deputy Executive
  Director                     Brian Petrovek     Colorado Springs, Colo.

  USA Hockey Senior Director,
  Intl. Administration         Art Berglund       Colorado Springs, Colo.

  USA Hockey Director, Media
  and Public Relations         Chuck Menke        Colorado Springs, Colo.

  USA Hockey Coordinator,
  Media and Public Relations   Heather Ahearn     Colorado Springs, Colo.

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