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Team Overview

The 1997 National team competed in the 1997 World Championship in the spring. After the World Championship, a series of evaluation camps were held to select a team that would train for the 1998 Winter Olympics. The year closed with a number exhibition games (in preparation for the 1998 Winter Olympics) and the 1997 Three Nations Cup.

Invitations for a Team USA evaluation camp were distributed at the end of June 1997. This camp was called the Women's National Festival, and was held from August 21-26, 1997. The players at the camp were split into three teams who each played eight games. This was followed by a selection of 25 players who practiced for a week in Lake Placid and then headed to Sweden for a week of games followed by a hop to Finland for a week of games. The evaluations were done by Ben Smith and representatives of USA hockey, along with 5 college coaches.

The 1997 USA Hockey Women's National Festival was held in Lake Placid, N.Y., from August 21-26, 1997. The Festival served as part of the selection process for the 1998 U.S. Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team.

A total of 54 players were selected to participate in the Festival, based on their performance with the U.S. Women's National Team, at the 1997 USA Hockey Women's Open Tryouts and at the 1997 USA Hockey Women's Junior Camp. The players were divided into three teams, with each team playing eight games during the Festival.

At the conclusion of the Festival on August 27, 1997, USA Hockey announced the 25 players that were selected for the U.S. Women's National Team that trained together leading up to the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Team USA went on a tour of Sweden from Sept 5-8 1997, and of Finland from Sept 10-13 1997. They played three games against Team Sweden and three games against Team Finland, winning all six games on this tour.

From December 12-21, 1997, Team USA participated in the Three Nations Cup in Lake Placid, NY, against the No. 1-ranked Canadians and third-ranked Finnish national teams.

Team USA and Team Canada played a series of exhibition games throughout Canada and the USA prior to the Olympics. See the section below called Exhibition Games leading up to the Olympics for the exhibition game schedule and results.

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Exhibition Games leading up to the Olympics

  Wed Jan 7, 97:   Team USA 2 -vs- China 0
  Thu Jan 8, 97:   Team USA 1 -vs- Finland 0
  Fri Jan 10, 97:  Team USA 3 -vs- Finland 0
  Sat Jan 11, 97:  Team USA 2 -vs- China 1

  Sept  5 1997:  USA  5    -vs- Sweden 1  (Furudal, Sweden)
  Sept  7 1997:  USA  5    -vs- Sweden 3  (Orsa, Sweden)
  Sept  8 1997:  USA 14    -vs- Sweden 1  (Gnesta, Sweden)
  Sept 10 1997:  USA  3    -vs- Finland 1 (Nokia, Finland)
  Sept 12 1997:  USA  3    -vs- Finland 2 (Huittinen, Finland)
  Sept 13 1997:  USA  3    -vs- Finland 0 (Kangasaia, Finland)

  Oct  11 1997:  USA 10    -vs- Concordia 0 (Lake Placid, NY, Olympic Center)
  Oct  12 1997:  USA  4    -vs- Concordia 2 (Lake Placid, NY, Olympic Center)
  Oct  18 1997:  USA 10    -vs- ECAC AS 1 (Concord, NH, Everett Arena)
  Oct  21 1997:  USA  8    -vs- ECAC AS 0 (Gloucester, MA, Talbot Rink)
  Oct  25 1997:  USA  5    -vs- Canada 4  (Salt Lake City, Utah, E Center) (OT)

  Nov   1 1997:  USA  9    -vs- NU     0  (Walpole, MA, Iorio Rink)
  Nov   2 1997:  USA  9    -vs- UNH    0  (Durham, NH, Towse Rink)
  Nov   4 1997:  USA 14    -vs- Brown  0  (Providence, RI, Meehan Auditorium)
  Nov   7 1997:  USA  2    -vs- Canada 3  (Bathurst, NB, K.C. Irving Center)
  Nov   8 1997:  USA  1    -vs- Canada 4  (Saint John, NB, Harbour Station)
  Nov  10 1997:  USA  3    -vs- Canada 2  (Kitchener, ON, Memorial Auditorium)
  Nov  12 1997:  USA 14    -vs- Providence 0 (Providence, RI, Schneider Arena)
  Nov  15 1997:  USA     6 -vs- China  2  (Walpole, Mass. Iorio Rink)
  Nov  16 1997:  USA     5 -vs- China  0  (Cambridge, Mass. Bright Hockey Ctr)
  Nov  19 1997:  USA    15 -vs- Dartmouth 0 (Hanover, NH, Thompson Arena)

  Dec   4 1997:  USA     3 -vs- Canada 1  (Minneapolis, MN, Mariucci Arena)
  Dec   6 1997:  USA     4 -vs- Canada 5  (Winnipeg, MB)
  Dec 13-20 97:  ***1997 Three Nations Cup***
  Dec  13 1997:  USA     3 -vs- Finland 3 (Lake Placid, NY, Olympic Center)
  Dec  14 1997:  USA     2 -vs- Canada  3 (Lake Placid, NY, Olympic Center)
  Dec  16 1997:  USA     6 -vs- Finland 3 (7:30pm, Saratoga, NY, Wiezel Avenue Arena)
  Dec  17 1997:  USA     4 -vs- Canada  5 (Burlington, VT, Gutterson Fieldhouse)
  Dec  20 1997:  USA     3 -vs- Canada  0 (Lake Placid, NY, Olympic Center)

  Jan   9 1998:  USA        -vs- Cleveland Jr Barons (7pm, Cleveland, OH, Gund Arena)
  Jan  16 1998:  USA     1  -vs- Canada 2 (Vancouver, BC, GM Place)
  Jan  20 1998:  USA (OT)4  -vs- Canada 3 (San Jose, CA, San Jose Arena)
  Jan  26 1998:  USA     3  -vs- Canada 1 (Calgary, AB, The Saddledome)
  Jan  28 1998:  USA     2  -vs- Canada 4 (Colorado Springs, CO)

  Feb   4 1998:  USA        -vs- Japan    (TBD, Japan)


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