Foreigners wanted in the Swiss League

This page provides information for players wishing to play in Switzerland. Most information is for the 1999-2000 season, but some is for the 2000-2001 season. Contact the people listed in this page for further information.

DHC Langenthal, National League A

The DHC (Damen Hockey Club) Langenthal is looking for one or two skilled women to play for their team next year (September 2000 - April 2001). If you know anyone who is interested in playing overseas please forward them this message.

DHC Langenthal pays for one plan ticket (return) from your home in Canada or the US to Switzerland. They also arrange for you to live with a family and work as an aupair. You will receive from the family a salary of 650SFC per month and you also have an opportunity for a playing bonus at the end of the season depending upon which place the team finishes. Over Christmas and at the end of the year you will have time to travel if you so desire.

This is really a great experience. For more information please contact:

Christine Etele (DHC Langenthal rep in Canada)
4478 Emily Carr Dr.
Victoria, BC
V8X 2N6
(250) 658-3366

You can also contact the hockey club as follows:

Damenhockey-Club Langenthal
Thomas Nikles, President
Buchmattstr. 7
CH-4922 Thunstetten / Switzerland
  • Interested in playing in Langenthal?
  • See the Langenthal homepage

    HC Lugano, National League A

    If you are interested in playing for this team, please contact Vicky at

    SC Reinach, National League A

    SC Reinach is always looking for skilled foreigners, and is currently looking for players for the 2001-2002 season.

    SC Reinach was the Swiss Champion in the A league for the 2000-2001 season.

    If you are interested, please contact the team manager Toni Neuenschwander at, or Lynn Bieri who is a player at

  • See the Reinach homepage

    Illnau-Effretikon Looking for 2 Foreigners

    EHC Illnau-Effretikon (who was the winner of the 1997-98 National League B and has since been promoted to the National League A for the 1998-99 season) is looking for two skilled foreigners to join their team for the 1998-99 season. If you know anyone who would be able to play for them, please contact Alexander Tschanz at Or see the web page for Illnau-Effretikon. Note that Illnau-Effretikon was formerly Bulach.

    DHC Lyss, National League A

    Hi female hockey player,

    Are you interested in playing hockey in Switzerland next season?

    The DHC Lyss, Swiss Champion team of the last three years, is looking for two experimented players (defense / center) to play for our team during the 97/98 season. We begin with our ice training sessions in august, the national championship (20 games) is beginning by mid-octobre. We will have about 10 pre-season-games, a four-days-trainings camp and we will be guests at a international tournament in Germany. The team is practising two to three times a week (plus games).

    Are you interested to follow outstanding players like Andria Hunter (DHC Langenthal), Sue Merz, Tiia Reima, Riika Nieminen (DHC Lyss), Kelly O'Leary (St. Gallen) or Kim Reid (DHC Langenthal)?

    Please contact:
            Daniel Monnin  (
            Manager DHC Lyss
            Balmstrasse 118
            CH-4584 Lueterswil
            Dayphone:  ++41 31 921 74 44
            Evephone:  ++41 32 351 60 25
            Fax:       ++41 32 351 60 35

    EV Zug, National League A

    EV Zug is looking for one foreigner for the 1997-98 season. They are mainly interested in a forward. They are looking for a player who plays at the highest level of women's hockey.

    EV Zug will provide you with an appartment, the flight to and from Switzerland, and some spending money. It is not certain yet, but they may be able to provide you with a car.

    Please contact:
      Monika Profos
      Grabenacker Strasse
      6312 Steinhausen
    Phone: 011-41-41-740-4638 (home)

    St Gallen, National League A

    St. Gallen is looking for a foreigner for the 1998-99 season which is to start on October 10th. They will pay for your flight, and you can work as an aupair (only four hours of work per day)!

    Please contact Mr. Michael Fischer

    Phone business: 011-41-51-228-0514
    Phone private: 011-41-71-278-6442
    Handy: 011-41-79-442-4513

    Foreigner Tips

    Here is a checklist for players who are playing abroad.

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