Information for Foreigners in the Swiss League

Here is a checklist that will get you started if you decide to play women's hockey in Europe. Please note that only two foreigners are allowed to dress for each game for teams in the Swiss National League A, and only one foreigner in the Swiss National League B. (Note that any number of foreign players can be licenced for a team, but only 1 or 2, as stated above, can play in each game.)

The information in this file was compile during the summer of 1998, and is subject to change. This information was written by Chris Etele and Andria Hunter who are foreigners from Ontario, Canada who played in Switzerland. This checklist may vary if you are from a different country.

Foreigner Checklist


The information in this file is based on the experiences of Chris Etete and Andria Hunter who played for DHC Langenthal. It may be different for other teams, so be sure to discuss each point with your team.

This page is maintained by © 1998 Andria Hunter (

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