Women's Hockey in Switzerland

Photo: 1994 Team Switzerland

International Hockey

Here is a link that provides the results of all games played by the Swiss Women's National team.

Switzerland has competed in several IIHF World Championships to date. Here is a summary of how they have place in each World Championship so far:

Here are some pictures of Team Switzerland players from the 1997 WWC.

Here is some information for the Swiss National Women's hockey team. These pages are maintained by Nick Heim (heim@awu.id.ethz.ch), who was formerly the head coach of Team Switzerland.

Provided below is more detailed information about how Switzerland has done at the European A Championships. Here is a link to the 1995 Team Switzerland roster and Switzerland's results at the 1995 European A Championship. Here is more information about the 1996 European A Championship from a Swiss player's perspective; this information is from Prisca Mossiman who plays defense for Team Switzerland.

Exhibition Games:

1997 Christmas Cup in Lyss, Switzerland:
  Dec 26 1997: 16.00  Eröffnungszeremonie
               16.30  Japan - Russland
               20.00  Schweiz - Deutschland

  Dec 27 1997: 16.30  Russland - Deutschland
               20.00  Schweiz - Dänemark

  Dec 28 1997: 16.30  Schweiz - Russland
               20.00  Dänemark - Japan

  Dec 29 1997: 16.30  Japan - Deutschland
               20.00  Dänemark - Russland

  Dec 30 1997: 11.00  Deutschland - Dänemark
               14.00  Schweiz - Japan

Three Nations Cup Tournament in Fuessen, Germany:
  Nov 28 1997 Germany - Russia      2:1 (0:1,1:0,1:0)
  Nov 29 1997 Switzerland - Russia  0:3 (0:0,0:2,0:1)
  Nov 30 1997 Germany - Switzerland 1:1 (0:0,0:0,1:1)

In Lyss, Switzerland:
  February 11th, 1996:  Switzerland 5 -v- Lyss+Foreigners 3
     (The Lyss+Foreigners team was made up of all non-National
      team members on the Lyss team, strengthened with all
      of the foreigners playing in the National League A)

Christmas Cup in Frederikshavn, Germany:
  Wednesday Dec 27,1995:  16.30 Russia - Switzerland  1:1 (0:0 0:0 1:1)  Tie
  Thursday Dec 28,1995:   16.30 Switzerland - Germany 3:1 (2:0 1:0 0:1)  Won
  Friday Dec 29,1995:     19.30 Switzerland - Denmark 7:2 (1:1 2:1 4:0)  Won
  Saturday Dec 30,1995:   13.30 Final - Russia-Switz  2:3 (0:0 2:1 0:2)  Won

In Zuchwil, Switzerland:
  December 16th, 1995:  Switzerland 8 -v- Netherlands 0  (1:0, 5:0, 2:0)
  December 17th, 1995:  Switzerland 4 -v- Netherlands 0

Women's Hockey History

  • 1980: The first team was founded: La vannerie (Fribourg).

  • 1983: The first Ochsner Camp for girls was held (Hockey School).

  • 1984: Official admission of women's hockey in the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation (SEHV).

  • 1985: Private organisation of the first Schweizer Cup because SEHV organizes the first unofficial championship.

  • 1986: First unofficial national champinship. First Ochsner Cup is held with teams from Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland; Foundation of the Swiss Selection, which participated at the first unofficial World Touranment in Canada (April 1987).

  • 1987: The women receive an official representative in the SEHV. The Schweizer Cup is held internationally with teams from Germany and Switzerland.

  • 1988: The national championship is played with two levels: A and B.

  • 1989-90: The first official national championship is played. The Schweizer Cup is played internationally with teams from Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. Six Country Tournament with the Finnish National team, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland, and Harvard University.

    Hockey within Switzerland

    The information in the section that follows was provided by Nick Heim ( heim@awu.id.ethz.ch), who was formerly the head coach of Team Switzerland. Thanks very much to Nick for providing this excellent information on Women's hockey in Switzerland!! Danke viel mal! :-)

    Swiss Women's Leagues 2000-2001

    National Leagues A & B

    League A (Standings)

    EHC Illnau-Effretikon
    DHC Langenthal I
    DHC Lyss I
    SC Reinach I
    EHC St. Gallen
    EV Zug
    League B (Standings)

    DEHC Biel I
    HC Lugano
    SC Rapperswil-Jona
    EHC Seewen
    EV Bomo/Thun I

    C Leagues

    Group 1 ( Standings)
    Group 1A Group 1B
    HC Ambri-Piotta / GDT Bellinzona EHC Hittnau-Bäretswil
    SC Luzern/SC Reinach EHC Kloten Specials
    EHC St. Moritz EHC Wallisellen
    HC Sursee-Wolhusen SC Weinfelden
      Zürcher SC/GC


    Group 2 ( Standings)
    Group 2
    EHC Basel/KLH
    EHC Bern 96
    DHC Langenthal II
    DHC Lyss II
    EHC Wettingen-Baden


    Group 3 ( Standings)
    Group 3A Group 3B
    HC Ajoie HC Martigny
    HC La Chaux-de-Fonds HC Montana-Crans
    HC Fribourg-Gottéron HC Sierre
    HC Lausanne EHC Visp
    HC Université Neuchâtel EHC Visperterminen

    University Clubs

    Swiss National League Results by Year

    Prisca Mosimann, Team Switzerland

    And last, but not least, is a picture of my favourite player on Team Switzerland, Prisca Mosimann (nickname: Bizu) (email: bizu55@yahoo.com)! She played defense for Team Switzerland at the 1994 World Championship. She played for DHC Langenthal of the Swiss Women's National League A previously, but is playing for DHC Lyss of the Swiss Women's National League A for the 1995-96 season. She competed in the 1995 Christmas Cup and will be going to the 1996 European A Championship in March 1996.

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