1994-95 Women's Hockey Leagues in Sweden

We have 4 groups in the First Division, geographicly arranged.

(1) Northern League

   Plac 93/94
   1. MoDo HK          *
   2. Wilhelmina IK
   3. Husums IF        *
   4. Hoga Kusten HF
   5. Ornskoldsvik SK
   6. Brunflo
   -. KB 65

They have up to now (December 1994) played 5 rounds and the standings are
like the final placings for 93/94.

MoDo, Husum, HogaKusten, Ornskoldsvik and KB 65 are within a 30 km diameter.
The distance between Wilhelmina and MoDo is more than 200 km.

Those marked with a "*" also have a men's team in the two highest leagues.

(2) Dalecarlia League

The Dalecarlia League is concentrated around Lake Siljan (about 250 km
northwest of Stockholm).

   Plac 93/94
   1. IFK Ore (/Furudal)
   2. TEAM SL      [not playing 94/95]
   3. Orebro IK        *
   4. IFK Mockfjerd
   5. Alvdalen
   6. Orsa IK
   7. IFK Kumla        *
   8. Bones IK        (* Mora)
   9. Fors/Horndal

Those marked with a "*" also have a division 1 men's team.

(3) Stockholm League

(a) Stockholm League -- Division I

   Plac 93/94
   1. Nacka HK  (the outstanding team in Sweden)
   2. Vesterhaninge IF
   3. FOC, Farsta
   4. Vallentuna BK
   5. Brynas
   6. Baastad

   Teams 94/95
   Nacka HK           *
   Nyneshamn IF
   Sodertelje SK      *
   Vallentuna BK      *
   Vesterhaninge IF
   Ekero IK
   Brynes IF (?)      *

(b) Stockholm League -- Division II

   Plac 93/94
   1. Nyneshamn IF
   2. Sodertelje SK
   3. Hanviken SK
   4. Flemingsberg
   5. Melarhojden-Bredeng
   6. Ekero

   Division II 94/95
   Hanviken SK
   IF Vaxholm
   Akersberga Wikings
   Baastad (?)

One interesting thing is that the great BJ (Borje Salming) is trainer for
the IF Vaxholm junior team where his daughter, Teresa is playing.

Yesterday there was a short writeup in the sports section of the newspaper
about women's hockey and Hanna Teerijoki. Hanna plays for FarstaFOC this
season and as she's very good. Farsta will have a good chance to win the
Swedish Championship (SC). Nacka has won the SC for 7 years and has been
outstanding in Sweden. This girl is Finnish and has played in the Finnish
NationalTeam in soccer, bandy and hockey. She's such a good bandy player
that Helsingfors had nominated her in the men's team for some years ago.
Helsingfors is playing in the first division, but the Finnish Association
said NO! In '93 she was the Trainer for that team. Now she is in Sweden,
playing both hockey and bandy. She said in the interview that hockey (on
Friday) was like PunkRock-music and that bandy (on Sunday) was like
Tjajkovski (ie classic music).

(4) Southern League

   Plac 93/94
   1. Veddige HK
   2. Kungsbacka
   3. Winno-Boras
   4. Herryda
   5. Trelleborg

Even here the distance is a problem. It's about 250 km from south to north.

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