Sweden's Best Hockey Team
"Girls in Nacka play more technical hockey than the guys"

Nacka HK has the best women's hockey team in Sweden throughout all times. The team has won the Swedish National Championship 8 times in the last 9 years. The only time they lost was in 1994 when FOC Farsta won the finals against Nacka.

The team has a professional and experienced coaching staff. The trainer, Kjell Keijser, who played for Hammarby IF and Nacka HK (men), has been the trainer for the Nacka women's team for the last 3 years. The coach, Per Olof Svensson, was a feared defenseman. Assistant coach, Maj-Britt Kriegh, played for the women's team for more than 20 years.

A star

The team's big star is Åsa Elfving, who is 26 years old. She started playing hockey in MoDo (Peter Forsberg's old team) when she was 9 years old. Åsa has played for the Women's Team Sweden for 8 seasons. She is a doctor, and this spring she was named to the Swedish Hockey Federation board as the only female ever.

- It's more fun to train girls than guys, says trainer, Kjell Keijser. The girls are more serious and greatful to practice. The girls play more technical hockey. It's more play.

Big win

Against Flemingsberg the score was 27-0 (10-0,9-0,8-0), and 78-3 in shots speaks for itself. Besides the Swedish national team players, Åsa Elfving and Ann-Louise Edstrand, there are 2 other national team players in Nacka. Ruth Kuenzle and Regula Muller play for the Swiss women's national team.

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