Team Russia

Lake Placid Tournament

There was an exhibition tournament in Lake Placid on the weekend of March 11th, 1995. The Russian Team, Team USA, and an all-star team from Quebec were at the tournament. I heard that both Team Quebec and Team USA defeated the Russian Team (both by about 6 goals), but I did not hear the result of the game between Team USA and Team Quebec.

Here is a mail message from Richard Hungerford about the Russian National Women's team.

From: Richard Hungerford (hungerf@husc.harvard.edu)
Subject: Russian National Women's team
Date: Wed Mar 8 18:19:48 1995

On Sunday (March 3, 1995) at Brown, right after the (ECAC) final, and not announced before Sunday, the Russian National Women's team played Northeastern University in an exhibition match. [...stuff deleted...]

The Russians have nice new red uniforms and new equipment (skates ...) and were skating much better. They had 24 players dressed on the bench, but many didn't hit the ice. They also have at least 6 coaches!! It appears they are taking it more seriously. [...stuff deleted...]

[...stuff deleted...] they will make it to Pool A this year, I predict. I would say they will be beating the Suisse and Germans, and soon be giving Sweden and maybe even China a game. [...stuff deleted...]

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