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From: Julia.Ashmun@wang.com ("Julia Ashmun")
Subject: Russian National Women's Ice Hockey Team
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 23:11:41 GMT


The Russian National Women's Ice Hockey Team to play five Exhibition Games at MIT on March 22-26, 1994

The Russian National Women's Ice Hockey Team is comprised of the best women hockey players in Russia. The Russian National team is competing in tournaments in Europe, Asia, and North America in preparation for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Boston has been included in the itinerary because it has some of the best women's ice hockey in the United States, and many of the US National skaters will be chosen from the NorthEast. Five exhibition games will be played against local teams at MIT (Johnson Athletic Center) on March 22-25th at 8pm and Saturday at 12pm. Admission is free.

As you know, the economic situation in Russian has continued to deteriorate, making it very difficult for the Russian team to travel to international tournaments and even to acquire adequate hockey equipment. In most countries, including our own, women's sports receive far less funding and sponsorship than men's sports. In additional, the average worker in Russia earns $300 a year. Without international hockey experience, this team will fail to qualify for the Olympics. This inequity is not in spirit of the Olympics and CAN be corrected with our support. Fund raising efforts have been undertaken and some money has been raised from local area players and businesses to cover some of the team's expenses. But donations, contributions, and sponsorships are still needed ($15, $25, $50, $100, or any amount). For further information contact: Julia at email address or send contributions to Julia Ashmun, 21 Seavey Rd, Danville, NH 03819 payable to "Women's Ice Hockey Fund".

Mailing List: HOCKEY-L
From: Graeme Bailey
Subject: Russian National Women's Ice Hockey Team
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 23:11:41 GMT

I had a request to post this to the group. Julia Ashmun seems to have been working very hard in kicking a lot of folk into action making this happen, so if you can help, that's great. Otherwise, if you might be in the area for any of the games, then go and watch. Should be some good hockey. The Russian squad is going on to Brampton afterwards. Julia is in Montreal this week trying to get some direct help from the various manufacturers (big hockey equipment trade show for next season).

Graeme Bailey

Mailing List: HOCKEY-L
From: Julia.Ashmun@wang.com ("Julia Ashmun")
Subject: Russian National Women's Ice Hockey Team
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 1994 23:11:41 GMT

Richard Hungerford wrote:

>I would like to know more about this Team Russia Women.
>Did they play in the recent European Championships which sends teams
>to the Women's World Championships this April in Lake Placid?
>Who are the teams they will play at MIT?  The ECAC teams will have
>been done with their season for 3 weeks.  The Team USA Women and Team
>Canada Women will not be together for another week or so.  So are they
>playing "All-Star" teams, or what?
>I would be interested in the times and who Team Russia will be playing
>at MIT.
>Richard Hungerford

Richard, the Russian National team was formed this New Years in St.
Petersburg.  They do not qualify for the World Championships this year (1994).
In addition to the current North American Tour, which included Brampton
Tournament, they're planning on a European and Asian tour to qualify for the
1996 [1997] World Championship.  They will be playing the National and State 
'B' Champioship team (Needham Dragons), National 16 and under Champions (The
Chelmsford Lions), Canton Chargers ('93 League Champions), NiteHawk 'A',
and North Shore (players from MIT).  Since ECAC and private schools have
finished their program, senior 'B' teams were chosen.  'A' were intentionally
not selected.  I can send you a flier, Russian Roster, list of Teams playing,
and additional information.  I'm still trying to raise approx $2,000, send
press release notices, and contact more companies for contributions (local,
national and internation; doing business in Russia).  Can you send me address
so I can mail you a package.  Please keep in touch through email, as well,
since it is much faster then mail.  Thank you for your interest.  Julia

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