1996 Norweigan National Team Roster

Team Roster

This team competed for Norway at the 1996 European A Championship.

#  Player              Pos  Team, Town

 1 Hege Moe              G  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
21 Marit Eggen           G  Ski, Ski
 2 Sissel Bruvik         D  Stavanger, Savanger
17 Jeanette Giortz       D  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
16 Hege Haugen           D  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
22 Aina Hove             D  Flatas, Trondheim
 9 Vibeke Laerum         D  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
23 Anne Meisingset       D  Astor, Trondheim
10 Christin Smerud       D  VIF Ishockey
13 Hege Ask              F  Flatas, Trondheim
12 Guro Brandshaug       F  Flatas, Trondheim
  7 Marianne Dahlsrom    F  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
  6 Inger-Lise Fagernes  F  VIF Ishocey, Oslo
25 Jeanette Hansen       F  Stjernen, Fredrikstad
19 Unn Haugen            F  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
15 Camilla Hille         F  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
14 Tonje Larsen          F  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
18 Birgitte Lersbryggen  F  VIF Ishockey, Oslo
?? Trude Myhrvold        F  Storhamar, Hamar
  5 Ingvild Oversveen    F  Lillehammer, Lillehammer

Headcoach: Rune Jansen
Ast Coach: Cato Jenssen
Manager: Anette Boe (famous Norwegian cross country skiier)
Headleader: Tone Graver
Medical help: Roald Litland
Equipment: Kare Sorum

Top Players

Norway's 3 best players at the 1996 European A Championship were:

  #6  Inger-Lise Fagernes    |     All 3 players play
  #15 Camilla Hille          |     for Valerenga
  #18 Birgitte Lersbryggen   |     (VIF Ishockey)

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