Women's Hockey in the Netherlands

Photo: Marion Pepels, The Netherlands National Team

International Hockey

The Netherlands competed in the Pool B (Division I) Women's World Championship in 1999. Before this time, the Netherlands competed in the European B Championships.

Here is a link that provides the results of all games played by the Netherlands Women's National team.

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More detailed information about The Netherlands' results at various international competitions can be found here:

During the 1996-97 season the Dutch team did not play in any international tournaments because of the 1997 World Championship A pool in Kitchener, but from the IIHF congress came good news: Starting in 1998-99 there will be a World Championship A and B pool every year with 8 teams in each pool. Because of their 16th placing in the world rankings, the Netherlands Team just made it into the B pool. There was a chance for them to qualify for the A pool but the 3 games against Czech Republic, France, and Slovakia were lost in France in January 98. They all meet again in France in March 99 for the first ever B pool championship; the other teams are: Norway, Japan, Latvia, and Denmark. The Netherlands National team hopes to finish 7th so that they can keep their spot in the B pool.

Exhibition Games:

This information is from Ruud Bruijnesteijn.

 29/09/95 Netherlands Nat Team       2 - SIJC Utrecht 2         15

 16/12/95 Switzerland Nat Team       8 - Netherlands Nat Team    0
 17/12/95 Switzerland Nat Team       4 - Netherlands Nat Team    0

 22/12/95 Netherlands Nat Team       4 - Studententeam THOR      3

 29/12/95 Netherlands Nat Team       5 - IJHC Rotterdam C        3

 03/02/96 Netherlands Nat Team       1 - France Women           11
 04/02/96 Netherlands Nat Team       0 - France Women           10

Ontario, Canada Tour
 21/02/96 19:30 Laurier University    8 - Netherlands Nat Team   0
 22/02/96 20:30 London Devilettes AA  7 - Netherlands Nat Team   3
 24/02/96 13:30 McMasters University  5 - Netherlands Nat Team   6
 24/02/96 21:00 Toronto Red Wings AA  9 - Netherlands Nat Team   1

 03/03/96 12:15 Netherlands Nat Team    - IJHC Rotterdam VR

European B Championship
 12/03/96 15:00 Czeck Republic        4 - Netherlands            4
 13/03/96 14:30 Netherlands           1 - Denmark                3
 15/03/96 16:00 Great Britain         1 - Netherlands            7
 16/03/96 16:00 France                7 - Netherlands            3

The following is some information on women's hockey in The Netherlands which was provided by Lesley Reddon (goalie for Team Canada 1994) (H8Y8@unb.ca). Thanks Snakey! :-)

Women's Hockey in The Netherlands

In the 1994-95 season, there were four female senior teams (52 players in total) that competed for a National Championship. At younger groups, 32 girls were integrated into the male minor hockey system (under age 18) and 15 girls played in the male junior sytem (under age 20).

In 1987, Team Holland traveled to Canada to compete in the first Women's World Tournament. Team Holland was made up of an all-star team of twenty-two players. The majority of the team played for the oldest Dutch team, Hokij Devils of the Hague. Rounding out the team were players from the Black Falcon Girls, Valkenburg in southern Holland and FITS Groningen from Groningen in northern Holland.

An official National Women's team was not formed until the following year in 1988. The Dutch National Women's Team has not yet qualified for the World Championships and finished sixth in the B Pool at the 1995 European Championships. The availability of ice time was cited as being the main difficulty in developing female hockey in the Netherlands (this problem also affects male hockey as well). A lack of sufficient players due to poor general interest is another problem that needs to be addressed.

Women's Hockey within Holland/Belgium

Starting in the 1995-96 season, the Dutch and Belgian teams have joined to play in one league. A team from France joined the league in 2000. The following teams take part:

League Results

The Kemphanen women's team was Dutch Champion in the 1993/1994 season, and runner-up in 1993 and in 1995. The following four players from Kemphanen play for the Dutch National team: Nancy van der Linden, Chantal Koster, Esther Jansen and Ilse Robben.

Some Photos

On the Smurf-Inn web site, created by Eveline De Graeve of the Belgian national team, you'll find some photos of some hockey games that took place amongst various teams in the league.

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