1996 Great Britain National Team Roster
1996 European Pool B Championship

Here is the Team that represented Great Britain at the 1996 European Pool B Championships in Slovakia:

Great Britain's National Team Roster, 1996

     Player             Pos     Club Team

     Gill Barton        G       Swindon
     Verity Boome       G       Peterborough

     Rachael Cotton     D       Bracknell Queen Bees
     Jane McLelland     D       Sunderland Scorpions
     Cheryl Smith       D       Sunderland Scorpions
     Laura Urquhart     D       Sunderland Scorpions
     Laura Bryne        D       Oxford
     Becky Bowles       D       Bracknell Queen Bees

     Julie Biles        F       Guildford Lightning
     Nicola Pattison    F       Sunderland
     Sarah Burton       F       Swindon Topcats
     Lisa Davies        F       Bracknell Queen Bees
     Lynsey Emmerson    F       Sunderland Scorpions
     Fiona King         F       Guildford Lightning
     Teresa Lewis       F       Sunderland Scorpions
     Jeanette Mountjoy  F       Bracknell
     Claire Pannell     F       Bracknell
     Michelle Smith     F       Sunderland
     Kim Strongman      F       Guildford Lightning
     Debbie Palmer      F       Swindon
     Elaine Whitney     F       Telford

1996 European B Championship Great Britain's Results: Great Britain placed 8th. March 12 1996 (at Piestany) 17:00 Denmark -v- Great Britain 5:0 (0:0, 3:0, 2:0) March 13 1996 (at Piestany) 17:30 Czech Rep. -v- Great Britain 7:1 (1:0, 0:1, 6:0) March 15 1996 (at Piestany) 16:00 Great Britain -v- Netherlands 1:7 (1:1, 0:2, 0:4) March 16 1996 (at Trnava) ----- for 7th place 11:00 Great Britain -v- Kazachstan 4:5 OT (2:1, 1:2, 1:1, 0:1) Final Placings: (1) Denmark (Promoted to Pool A) -- GOLD (2) Latvia -- SILVER (3) Czech Republic -- BRONZE (4) Slovakia (5) France (6) Netherlands (7) Kazachstan (8) GREAT BRITAIN

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