1995 Great Britain National Team Roster

Here is the Team that represented Great Britain at the 1995 European Pool B Championships in Denmark:

Great Britain's National Team Roster, 1995

     Player             Pos     Club Team

     Gill Barton        G       Guildford Lightning
     Verity Boome       G       Guildford Lightning
     Sarah Musgrove     G       Telford Wrekin Raiders
     Laura Urquhart     D       Slough Phantoms
     Jeanette Mountjoy  D       Bracknell Queen Bees
     Laura Bugbee       D       Slough Phantoms
     Rachael Cotton     D       Bracknell Queen Bees
     Jane McLelland     D       Sunderland Scorpions

     Kim Strongman (C)  F       Guildford Lightning
     Julie Biles        F       Guildford Lightning
     Fiona Johnstone    F       Swindon Topcats
     Fiona King         F       Guildford Lightning
     Julie Lossnitzer   F       Slough Phantoms
     Sarah Burton       F       Swindon Topcats
     Louise Wheeler     F       Slough Phantoms
     Lisa Davies        F       Bracknell Queen Bees
     Lynsey Emmerson    F       Sunderland Scorpions
     Teresa Lewis       F       Sunderland Scorpions
     Kathy Nike         F       Bracknell Queen Bees

     Anne Sheppard      Manager
     Mike Urquhart      Head Coach
     Charlie Colon      Asst Coach
     Paul O'Higgins     Asst Coach
     Pat Marsh          B.I.H.A. Representative

     All players are from the UK Women's Premier League:
        Guildford Lightning        6
        Bracknell Queen Bees       4
        Slough Phantoms            4
        Sunderland Scorpions       3
        Swindon Topcats            2
        Telford Raiders            1
        Durham Dynamites           0
        Nottingham Vipers          0
        Total                      20

1995 European B Championship Great Britain's Results: Great Britain placed 7th. Monday 27th March (at Odense, Denmark) 16:00 Slovakia 4 -v- Great Britain 1 Tuesday 28th March (at Odense, Denmark) 19:00 Denmark 14 -v- Great Britain 1 Thursday 30th March (at Odense, Denmark) 13:00 Netherlands 7 -v- Great Britain 2 Friday 31st March (at Esjberg, Denmark) 19:00 Ukraine 0 -v- Great Britain 2 ----- for 7th place Final Placings: (1) Russia (Promoted to Pool A) -- GOLD (2) Denmark -- SILVER (3) Czech Republic -- BRONZE (4) Slovakia (5) France (6) Netherlands (7) GREAT BRITAIN (8) Ukraine

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