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Photo: 1994 Team Germany

Thank you very much to Nick Heim (heim@awu.id.ethz.ch), from Switzerland, for providing the information about the Women's Leagues within Germany! And much thanks to Martin Melich for providing the excellent web pages on women's hockey in Germany!

International Hockey

Germany qualified to attend two of the three IIHF World Championships (in 1992 and 1994) which have been held so far. To qualify to attend the World Championships, Germany must finish in the top 5 teams at the European A Championship. Germany placed fifth at the 1995 European A Championship which was held from March 19-26, 1995 in Riga, Latvia.

Here is a link that provides the results of all games played by the German Women's National team.

Germany placed as follows at the World Championships:

And as follows at the Winter Olympics:

Germany placed as follows at the last 2 European A Championships:

Here are links to the 1995 Team Germany roster and the 1996 Team Germany roster and to some other information.

For more information about the German women's national team, please see the Damen-Eishockey-Nationalmannschaft page by Martin Melich. This page is written in German.

Exhibition Games

1997 Christmas Cup in Lyss, Switzerland:
  Fri Dec 26 1997: 16.00  Eröffnungszeremonie
                   16.30  Japan - Russland
                   20.00  Schweiz - Deutschland

  Sat Dec 27 1997: 16.30  Russland - Deutschland
                   20.00  Schweiz - Dänemark

  Sun Dec 28 1997: 16.30  Schweiz - Russland
                   20.00  Dänemark - Japan

  Mon Dec 29 1997: 16.30  Japan - Deutschland
                   20.00  Dänemark - Russland

  Tue Dec 30 1997: 11.00  Deutschland - Dänemark
                   14.00  Schweiz - Japan

Three Nations Cup Tournament in Fuessen, Germany:
  Nov 28 1997 Germany - Russia      2:1 (0:1,1:0,1:0)
  Nov 29 1997 Switzerland - Russia  0:3 (0:0,0:2,0:1)
  Nov 30 1997 Germany - Switzerland 1:1 (0:0,0:0,1:1)

Women's Hockey History

Women's hockey in West Germany started in 1974 in Bavaria and it took 8 years to form the first official ladies hockey league in Germany which was in North-Rhine Westfalia. This league was founded in 1982 by Dr. Gunther Sabetzki and Mr. Wolfgang Sorge. In the first season, 5 teams played for the North-Rhine Westfalia Championship and the league has grown since then.

On the first weekend in May 1984, close to Dusseldorf, the first Ladies Hockey Championship was held. Out of the eight teams that played, the winners were the ladies from Reutlingen/Esslimgen. Regional championships were held in North-Rhine Westfalia, Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria with the best teams playing in the National Championship Tournament.

In April 1985, a team from 3 leagues of the North-Rhine Westfalia league (EHC Ice-Bears Dusseldorf, DEC Iserlohn, GSC Moers the Cats) travelled to Canada to play in the first International Division of the Brampton Canadettes' Dominion Ladies Hockey Tournament. The strong interest in participation was demonstrated as the number of players increased from 250 to 450 from 1985 to 1987.

A national team was formed in 1988-89 and they won the bronze medal at the first European Championship held in April 1989.

Team Germany, November 1997 Update

I just received an e-mail message from Rainer Nittel ( RNITTEL@aol.com) who is the former head coach for Team Germany. He said that the 1997-98 national team has been selected, and they have started to prepare for the qualification tournament for the World Championship A Pool in March 1998.

Team Germany, September 2002 Update

Team Germany has a new Coach. His name is Peter Kathan. The new assistant Coach is Dieter Reinartz. Peter is married, 2 sons, Klaus is still playing for Team Germany. His coaching career started after 26 years of playing hockey himself. He was first coaching Kids in Bad Tölz (1970) and went on to coach the 2nd league up to ESV Kaufbeuren (1.league/DEL).

The remainder of this page contains information about women's hockey within Germany.

Womens Hockey within Germany

There are two to three women's leagues in Germany, it depends on location. There is a 1st Division which has 17 teams and is divided in a northern and southern group. The top four of each group are qualified for the German National Championship playoffs. There were 51 women's teams in Germany who played regulary during the 1994/95 season.

Here is a link to an excellent page that contains current information about Women's Hockey in Germany. This page is maintained by Martin Melich and is primarily written in German.

Here is a link to Nick Heim's page on women's hockey in Germany and here is a link to his page with the 1995-96 Germany Championship Results. The 1995-96 Germany Championship was won by ESG Esslingen.

Leagues within Germany

League Results

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