Women's Hockey in China

Photo: A player from Harbin (white) skates with the puck against
Japan's University of Tsukuba (blue) at a tournament in Hong Kong in 1997.

International Hockey

China just missed out on a medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics, by losing to Finland in the bronze medal game by a score of 4-1.

By placing in the top 5 at the 1997 World Championship, China has qualified for the first ever Olympics for Women's hockey! Here are some pictures of Team China players from the 1997 WWC.

Here is a link that provides the results of all games played by the Chinese Women's National team.

China qualified to attend three of the four IIHF World Championships (1992/1994/1997) which have been held so far. To qualify to attend the World Championships, China must win the Asian Championship. The countries that compete in the Asian Championship are China, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Korea. China claimed the Asian Championship in 1992, in 1994, and in 1996.

China placed third at the Pacific Rim Tournament, which was held in San Jose, California from April 1-8, 1995. The 4 countries participating in the tournament were Canada, USA, Japan, and China. This link gives more information on the 1995 Pacific Rim Tournament. Here is a link to the 1995 Chinese National Team Roster.

China won the 1996 Asian Games that were held in China at the beginning of February 1996. China defeated Japan by a score of 9-3, and Kazakhstan by a score of 13-0. There were over 9,000 spectators at the game against Japan!

China placed third at the 1996 Women's Pacific Championship in Vancouver. Here is a link to the 1996 Chinese National Team Roster provided by the CHA.

Team China National Team Rosters

1998 Olympic Game Results

  February  8 1998:  20:00    China    0 -vs-  USA     5
  February  9 1998:  20:00    Canada   2 -vs-  China   0
  February 11 1998:  16:00    Japan    1 -vs-  China   6
  February 12 1998:  12:00    China    3 -vs-  Sweden  1
  February 13 1998:  Day Off
  February 14 1998:  16:00    Finland  6 -vs-  China   1
  February 15 1998:  Day Off
  February 16 1998:  Day Off
  February 17 1998:  14:00    Finland  4 -vs-  China   1 (Bronze)

Exhibition Games leading up to the Olympics

  Oct   8 1997:  Canada  6 -vs- China  2  (Calgary, AB, Father David Bauer)
  Oct   9 1997:  Canada  3 -vs- China  0  (Calgary, AB, Father David Bauer)

  Nov  15 1997:  USA     6 -vs- China  2  (Walpole, Mass. Iorio Rink)
  Nov  16 1997:  USA     5 -vs- China  0  (Cambridge, Mass. Bright Hockey Ctr)

Women's Hockey in Hong Kong

Please contact Lily Ng (ngquirer@yahoo.com) for details about Women's Ice Hockey in Hong Kong.

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