1995 Team Canada - National Training Camp Roster



Date: 	  Sun, 15 Oct 1995 20:45:17 -0400
From:     Andria L. Hunter 
Subject:  1995 Canadian Women's National Training Camp

Here is the list of players who will be attending the
Canadian Women's National Training Camp in Caledon,
Ontario this week.  The camp runs until Friday October
20th and is held at the Teen Ranch arena.  I don't have 
any information on the practice and game schedule.

Bobbi Auger          Luce Letendre
Kelly Bechard        Tracy Luhowy
Laura Bennion        Kathy McCormack
Amanda Benoit        France Montour
Martine Berube       Karen Nystrom
Virginia Bilodeau    Margot Page
Justine Blainey      Stephanie Parent
Therese Brisson      Cheryl Pounder
Cassie Campbell      Carlone Proulx
Marie Claude Roy     Lesley Reddon
Kari Colpitts        Nikki Ree
Brenda Deneault      Manon Rheaume
Nancy Deschamps      Nathalie Rivard
Judy Diduck          Jane Robinson
Nancy Drolet         Carole Scheibel
Danielle Dube        Laura Schuler
Lori Dupuis          Fiona Smith
Rebecca Fahey        France St Louis
Caroline Gelinas     Laurie Taylor Bolton
Danielle Goyette     Chantal Toth
Marianne Grnak       Christianne Tremills
Lisa Hanlon          Amy Turek
Mel Haz              Laura Vanderhorst
Geraldine Heaney     Sommer West
Angela James         Hayley Wickenheiser
Laura Leslie         Stacy Wilson

Team Canada has established a national player pool.  The player pool
currently includes the 52 players listed above who will be attending
the evaluation camp, and 17 other players (for a total of 69 players).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have "retired" from Team Canada 
and will not be going to the camp ... too many injuries!

Andria Hunter


From: Phil Legault 
Newsgroups: rec.sport.hockey
Subject: Canada's women's hockey team
Date: 16 Oct 1995 13:09:20 GMT
Organization: Canadian Hockey



Friday, October 13, 1995	NR69.95


OTTAWA - The 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, are over 26 
months away, but the road to building a gold-medal contender in the 
women's ice-hockey program begins this Saturday, October 14, at Teen 
Ranch in Caledon, Ont., as Canadian Hockey brings together the national 
women's team coaching pool and 50 hopefuls for a week-long training camp.

At the beginning of August, the national women's team coaching pool 
invited 53 players to attend the first ever evaluation camp for the 
national women's team from October 14-20, 1995.  Of the original 53 
players named, only Virginie Bilodeau of St-Étienne-de-Lauzon, Que., 
Winnipeg's Laura Vanderhorst and Denise Caron of Montreal declined the 
invitation because of career or health concerns.

"It's been a challenge for us to establish yards-sticks for comparing 
players across the country with so few competitive opportunities," says 
Bob Nicholson, Canadian Hockey senior vice-president, hockey operations. 
 "But our coaching pool has put in a lot of effort over the past season 
in evaluating players and reviewing the information gathered from our 

"We're in an important development period for the women's program," adds 
Nicholson.  "The core of Canada's teams for the 1997 World Women's 
Championship in Kitchener, Ontario, and the 1998 Winter Olympics, should 
come from this group, and our evaluation process of today will affect our 
programs into the next century as we look to the 2002 Olympics."

The coaching staff will use the camp to evaluate each player through an 
interview process, fitness testing, on-ice skills and initiation to 
international style hockey.  The information will be put in the national 
women's team database, allowing the staff to monitor the players over the 
next few years to Nagano.

From this up-coming evaluation camp, the coaching pool will select 20 
players to represent Canada at the 1996 Pacific Women's Hockey 
Championship scheduled for Vancouver from April 1-6, 1996.

"We'll outline to the players the commitment necessary to wear a Canadian 
jersey at the 1998 Olympics, and challenge them to set goals to meet 
these expectations," comments Nicholson.

The on-ice sessions are open to the general public.  Canadian Hockey, in 
conjunction with the Hockey Hall of Fame, is also hosting a women's 
hockey festival on Thursday, October 19, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., with 
information booths and seminars.  The evaluation camp on-ice practice 
schedule is as follows (sessions are at the Ice-Corral Arena at Teen 

Sat., October 14:
        Players arrive

Sun., October 15:
        Practices       4:15 pm - 5:30 pm; and, 5:45 pm - 7 pm

Mon., October 16
        Practices - Group 1     9 am - 10:15 am; and, 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm
        Practices - Group 2     10:30 am - 11:45 am; and, 3:45 pm - 5 pm
        Practices - Group 3     12 noon - 1:15 pm; and, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Tue., October 17
        Intra-squad scrimmage   9:15 am - 11:15 am
        Practices - Group 3     2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
        Practices - Group 2     4 pm - 5:30 pm
        Practices - Group 1     5:45 pm - 7:15 pm

Wed., October 18
        Practice for goalkeepers  10 am - 12 noon

Thur., October 19
        Practices - Group 2     9 am - 10:30 am
        Practices - Group 3     10:45 am - 12:15 pm
        Practices - Group 1     12:30 pm - 2 pm
        Intra-squad scrimmage   7 pm - 9 pm

Fri., October 20
        Round-robin games       8:30 am; 9:45 am; and, 11 am (1-hour games)

The list of 50 players include double gold medalist Manon Rhéaume; five 
members of the 1990 world gold medal team; 13 players from the 1992 
winning squad; and, 15 of the players 1995 Pacific Women's Championship. 
 All but two players from the 1994 World Championship team are listed.  
Andria Hunter and Nathalie Picard, members of Canada's '94 squad, retired 
from international competition because of injuries.


COACHING POOL - Melody Davidson, Castor, Alta.; Julie Healy, Montréal; 
Karen Hughes, Agincourt, Ont.; Shannon Miller, Calgary; Danièle 
Sauvageau, St-Eustache, Que.

GOALKEEPERS (7) - Brenda Deneault, Barrie, Ont.; Danielle Dubé, 
Vancouver; Lesley Reddon, Mississauga, Ont.; Nikki Ree, Bentley, Alta.; 
Manon Rhéaume, Charlesbourg, Que.; Marie-Claude Roy, Brossard, Que.; 
Chantal Toth, Vancouver.

DEFENCE (14) - Bobbi Auger, Ponoka, Alta.; Justine Blainey, Toronto, 
Ont.; Therese Brisson, Montréal; Cassie Campbell, Guelph, Ont.; Judy 
Diduck, Sherwood Park, Alta.; Rebecca Fahey, Sackville, N.B.; Geraldine 
Heaney, Weston, Ont.; Stephanie Parent, Belledune, N.B..; Cheryl Pounder, 
Mississauga, Ont.; Nathalie Rivard, Cumberland, Ont.; Carole Scheibel, 
Wilcox, Sask..; Fiona Smith, Edmonton; Laurie Taylor-Bolton, King City, 
Ont.; Christianne Tremills, Toronto.

FORWARD (29) - Kelly Bechard, Sedley, Sask.; Laura Bennion, Vancouver; 
Amanda Benoit, Welland, Ont.; Martine Bérubé, Montréal; Kari Colpitts, 
Calgary, Alta.; Nancy Deschamps, Montréal; Nancy Drolet, Drummondville, 
Que.; Lori Dupuis, Williamstown, Ont.; Caroline Gelinas, Trois-Rivières, 
Que.; Danielle Goyette, Sainte-Foy, Que.; Marianne Grnak, Richmond Hill, 
Ont.; Lisa Hanlon, Etobicoke, Ont.; Mel Haz, Edmonton; Angela James, 
Thornhill, Ont.; Laura Leslie, Beaconsfield, Que.; Luce Letendre, 
Brossard, Que.; Tracy Luhowy, Winnipeg, Man.; Kathy McCormack, 
Blackville, N.B.; France Montour, Grand-Mere, Que.; Karen Nystrom, 
Scarborough, Ont.; Margot Verlaan-Page, Kitchener, Ont.; Caroline Proulx, 
Bois Brand, Que.; Jane Robinson, Edmonton; Laura Schuler, Scarborough, 
Ont.; France St. Louis, St-Hubert, Que.; Amy Turek, Castor Centre, Ont.; 
Somer West, Bowmanville, Ont.; Hayley Wickenheiser, Calgary, Alta.; Stacy 
Wilson, Moncton, N.B.

For further information, please contact:
Phil Legault - Ottawa
work (613) 748-5613, ext. 1-2306


From: plegault@hockey.cdnsport.ca (plegault)
Newsgroups: rec.sport.hockey
Subject: Canadian Women's Team
Date: 10 Nov 1995 13:38:36 GMT
Organization: Cdnsport.ca User

Wednesday, November 8, 1995


OTTAWA - Canadian Hockey announced today the coaching staff and team that would 
represent Canada at the 1996 IIHF Women's Pacific Rim Championship next April 
in Vancouver.

Head coach Shannon Miller of Calgary will lead the best 20 players in Canada 
today to the Women's Pacific Rim Championship along with assistants Mel Davidson, 
also of Calgary, and Karen Hughes of Agincourt, Ont.

Canadian Hockey held a first evaluation camp for the national women's team 
program for 53 invited players just north of Toronto in mid-October.  
"The camp really showed us the depth of talent that Canada has in women's 
hockey," says Bob Nicholson, Canadian Hockey senior vice-president of hockey 

"We had a tough time in cutting down the group to a roster of 20 players 
for the 1996 Pacific Women's Rim Championship.  There were some very hard 
decisions that had to be made."

Shannon Miller, five-year veteran of the national program, hopes she 
can provide the team with some of the leadership necessary to keep the 
Canadian national women's team moving forward.  "I have been fortunate 
to work with the last two world championship teams, the last one as an 
assistant, but I believe my biggest test so far was at last year's Pacific 
Women's Rim Championship," says Miller.

"With 16 rookies and two new assistant coaches, we still passed the test 
with a gold medal in the final against the United States."

Looking to the future of the national women's team, Miller sees the need 
to move on.  "For the past two years, we've been evaluating and initiating 
players at an introductory level," adds Miller.  "We're now going to take 
these players to the next level of preparation for international games.

"We've had the chance to decide on the type of team we want and which 
players we want to fill those roles."  The type of player Miller looks 
for is one that combines size and strength with skating abilities for the 
international game, and its open-ice brand of hockey, and a player that 
can read and react to the flow of the game.

The former Calgary police officer will oversee the whole plan for the 
1996 team, but she has strong support from Mel Davidson providing player 
evaluation, scouting, and video, and Karen Hughes playing a strong technical 
role, and preparing the on ice practice plans.

The 1996 Canadian Pacific Rim team includes goalkeeper Manon Rhéaume, 
and three-time gold medalists Angela James, France St-Louis, Judy Diduck, 
Geraldine Heaney, and Stacy Wilson.

Team Canada's 1996 roster is as follows:

Goalkeepers (2) - Danielle Dube, Vancouver; Manon Rhéaume, Charlesbourg, Que.

Defence (6) - Therese Brisson, Fredericton, N.B.; Cassie Campbell, 
Brampton, Ont.; Judy Diduck, Sherwood Park, Alta.; Rebecca Fahey, 
Sackville, N.B.; Geraldine Heaney, Weston, Ont.; Fiona Smith, Edmonton.

Forwards (12) - Nancy Deschamps, Montreal; Nancy Drolet, Drummondville, Que.; 
Lori Dupuis, Williamstown, Ont.; Danielle Goyette, St. Nazaire, Que.; 
Marianne Grnak, Richmond Hill, Ont.; Angela James, Thornhill, Ont.; 
Luce Letendre, Brossard, Que.; Karen Nystrom, Scarborough, Ont.; 
Laura Schuler, Scarborough, Ont.; France St. Louis, St. Hubert, Que.; 
Hayley Wickenheiser, Calgary; Stacy Wilson, Moncton, N.B.

Coaching Staff - Head coach: Shannon Miller, Calgary; and, 
Assistant coaches:  Melody Davidson, Castor, Alta.; Karen Hughes, Agincourt, Ont.

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