1994 Team Canada - National Selection Camp Roster

                         ORGANIZED BY PROVINCE

NAME                 POS       HOMETOWN                      90-91 TEAM

Lesley Reddon         G        Mississauga, ON               Toronto Aeros
Cassie Campbell       D        Brampton, ON                  Mississauga
Geraldine Heaney      D    **  Weston, ON                    Toronto Aeros
Heather Ginzel        F    **  Woodbridge, ON                Toronto Aeros
Marianne Grnak        F        North York, ON                Toronto Aeros
Andria Hunter         F    *   Peterborough, ON              Scarboro FFs
Angela James          F    **  Thornhill, ON                 Toronto Aeros
Karen Nystrom         F    *   Scarborough, ON               Scarboro FFs
Margot Page           F    **  Kitchener, ON                 Toronto Aeros
Laura Schuler         F    **  Scarborough, ON               Northeastern U

Carolyn Aylesworth    D        Calgary, AB
Judy Diduck           D    **  Sherwood Park, AB             Edmonton Chimos
Sharon Holubowich     D    #   Edmonton, AB                  Edmonton Chimos
Dawn McGuire          D    **  Edmonton, AB                  Edmonton Chimos
Tina Kristensen       F    #   Edmonton, AB                  Edmonton Chimos
Sandy Mikula          F        Town, AB
France Montour        F    **  Edmonton, AB                  Edmonton Chimos
Alison Ramsley        F        Calgary, AB
Jane Robinson         F    #   Edmonton, AB                  Edmonton Chimos
Hayley Wickenheiser   F        Calgary, AB

Manon Rhéaume         G    *   Trois-Rivieres, QU            Jaguars Louisville
Marie-Claude Roy      G    *   Sorel, QU                     Ladies Stingers
Therese Brisson       D    #   Montréal, QU
Nathalie Picard       D    *   Mont St-Hilaire, QU           Sherbrooke
Nancy Drolet          F    *   Drummondville, QU             Sherbrooke
Danielle Goyette      F    *   Ste-Foy, QU                   Sherbrooke
Laura Leslie          F    #   Beaconsfield, QU
France St.Louis       F    **  St-Hubert, QU                 Les 4 Glaces Brossard

Danielle Dubé         G    #   Vancouver, B.C.
Elaine Jobe           F        Kelowna, B.C.

Rebecca Fahey         D        Sackville, N.B.               T & R Sports 
Stacy Wilson          F    **  Moncton, N.B.                 T & R Sports

Fiona Smith           D    #   North Battleford, SK

Laura Vanderhorst     D    #   Winnipeg, MN

** denotes on roster of 1990 and 1992 squads
*  denotes on roster of 1992 squad
#  denotes on roster of July 1993 Team for exhibition series vs United States


From: Phil_Legault@magic-bbs.corp.apple.com
Newsgroups: rec.sport.hockey
Subject: Canadian Women's Team

For those who are interested. The Canadian amateur Hockey Association
announced the list 34 players invited to attend the National Women's Team
Selection in Kitchener, Ontario from January 25-30, 1993.

Here's the scoop *

The roster features nine new players to the National Team Program, eight
that represented Canada at the U.S. Olympic Festival in San Antonio, Texas
this past July, and 17 veterans of the 1992 World Championship in Finland. 
Ten from this last group also won gold in 1990 in Ottawa.

Among the double-gold medalists are France St.Louis of St-Hubert, Quebec,
captain of the 1992 squad, Heather Ginzel, Geraldine Heaney and Angela
James of the Toronto Aeros, reigning Canadian Women's Champions.  Also from
the 1990 and 1992 teams are Stacy Wilson of Moncton, New Brunswick, Margot
Page and Laura Schuler from Ontario, and Judy Diduck, Dawn McGuire and
France Montour from the Edmonton Chimos, runner-up to the Aeros at the 1993
National Championship.

Returning for their second try for a world title are Quebec goalkeepers
Manon Rhéaume of the Knoxdale Cherokees (East Coast Hockey League) and
Marie-Claude Roy of the Concordia University Stingers.  They are joined by
fellow Quebec resident and Sport Federation of Canada 1993 Junior Athlete
of the Year, Nancy Drolet.

Fiona Smith of North Battleford, Saskatchewan and Danielle Dubé of
Vancouver are among the eight players from the July evaluation games
against the United States vying for one of 20 positions.

The coaching staff, which includes head coach Les Lawton of Montral and
assistants Shannon Miller and Melody Davidson of Alberta, will evaluate the
players during daily practices and three inter-squad games at the Kitchener
Memorial Auditorium.

The final 20-player roster will then assemble again from April 4 to 9 for a
Pre-Competition Camp in Ottawa, which will also include exhibition games
against Finland on April 5 and the United States on April 7.

The list of 34 invitees are - name (hometown) :

	GOALKEEPERS (4) - Danielle Dubé # (Vancouver, B.C.), Lesley Reddon
(Mississauga, ON), Manon Rhéaume * (Trois-Rivieres, QU), Marie-Claude Roy *
(Sorel, QU)
	DEFENSE (11) - Carolyn Aylesworth (Calgary, AB), Therese Brisson #
(Montréal, QU), Cassie Campbell (Brampton, ON), Judy Diduck ** (Sherwood
Park, AB), Rebecca Fahey (Sackville, N.B.), Geraldine Heaney ** (Weston,
ON), Sharon Holubowich # (Edmonton, AB), Dawn McGuire ** (Edmonton, AB),
Nathalie Picard * (Mont St-Hilaire, QU), Fiona Smith # (North Battleford,
SK), Laura Vanderhorst # (Winnipeg, MN)
	FORWARDS (19) - Nancy Drolet * (Drummondville, QU), Heather Ginzel **
(Woodbridge, ON), Danielle Goyette * (Ste-Foy, QU), Marianne Grnak (North
York, ON), Andria Hunter * (Peterborough, ON), Angela James ** (Thornhill,
ON), Elaine Jobe (Kelowna, B.C.), Tina Kristensen # (Edmonton, AB), Laura
Leslie # (Beaconsfield, QU), Sandy Mikula (Town, AB), France Montour **
(Edmonton, AB), Karen Nystrom * (Scarborough, ON), Margot Page **
(Kitchener, ON), Alison Ramsley (Calgary, AB), Jane Robinson # (Edmonton,
AB), Laura Schuler ** (Scarborough, ON), France St.Louis ** (St-Hubert,
QU), Hayley Wickenheiser (Calgary, AB), Stacy Wilson ** (Moncton, N.B.)

# denotes on roster of July 1993 Team for exhibition series vs United States
* denotes on roster of 1992 squad
** denotes on roster of 1990 and 1992 squads

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