1992 Team Canada - National Selection Camp Roster


NAME                  POS   90-91 TEAM / HOMETOWN

Carrie-Lynn Perry      G    Toronto Aeros / Brampton, Ontario
Carol Cooper           D    Guelph / Guelph, Ontario
Geraldine Heaney       D    Toronto Aeros / Weston, Ontario
Nathalie Rivard        D    Toronto Aeros / Cumberland, Ontario
Heather Ginzel         F    Toronto Aeros / Brampton, Ontario
Andria Hunter          F    Scarborough Fire Fighters / Peterborough, Ontario
Angela James           F    Toronto Aeros / Thornhill, Ontario
Karen Nystrom          F    Scarborough Fire Fighters / Scarborough, Ontario
Sue Scherer            F    Guelph / Kitchener, Ontario
Laura Schuler          F    Northeastern / Scarborough, Ontario
Vicky Sunohara         F    Scarborough Fire Fighters / Scarborough, Ontario
Margot Verlaan         F    Toronto Aeros / Kitchener, Ontario

Manon Rheaumé          G    Jaguars Louisville / Quebec
Marie-Claude Roy       G    Ladies Stingers / Quebec
Sylvie Malenfant       D    Sherbrooke / Quebec
Diane Michaud          D    Sherbrooke / Quebec
Nathalie Picard        D    Sherbrooke / Quebec
Nancy Drolet           F    Sherbrooke / Quebec
Roxanne Ethier         F    Les 4 Glaces Brossard / Quebec
Danielle Goyette       F    Sherbrooke / Quebec
Stephanie Ouellette    F    Ladies Stingers / Quebec
France St Louis        F    Les 4 Glaces Brossard / Quebec

Judy Diduck            D    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta
Sharon Holubowich      D    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta
Dawn McGuire           D    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta
Shirley Cameron        F    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta
Tina Christensen       F    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta
France Montour         F    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta
Jane Robinson          F    Edmonton Chimos / Alberta

Rebecca Fahey          D    T & R Sports / New Brunswick
Stacy Wilson           F    T & R Sports / New Brunswick

Shelley Coolidge       F    Saskies / Saskatchewan

Lynncy Powell          F    Vancouver Bladerunners / British Columbia

Susana Yen             F    University of Manitoba / Manitoba

Chantal Toth           G    Cornell Universtiy / New York

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