1999 Team Canada - Three Nations Cup Roster

	Player			Pos.	S/C	Ht	Wt	Birthdate
		Hometown		1999-2000 Team

Goalkeepers / Gardiennes de buts (3)
	Lorenda Beuker		G	L/G	5'05	125	03/18/77
		Humboldt, SK		Oval X-Treme, AB

	Marie-France Morin	G	L/G	5'04	145	03/22/76
		Gloucester, ON		Ottawa Raiders, ON

	Kim St-Pierre		G	L/G	5'09	155	12/14/78
		Châteauguay, QC 	Mc Gill University, QC

Defence / Défense (7)
	Therese Brisson		D	R/D	5'07	150	10/05/66
		Fredericton, NB		Montréal Wingstar, QC

	Isabelle Chartrand	D	L/G	5'04	125	20/04/78
		Montréal, QC 	Mistral de Laval, QC

	Judy Diduck		D	L/G	5'06	140	04/21/66
		Sherwood Park, AB 	Oval X-Treme, AB

	Becky Kellar		D	L/G	5'07	150	01/01/75
		Hagersville, ON		Beatrice Aeros, ON

	Cheryl Pounder		D	R/D	5'06	145	06/26/76
		Mississauga, ON		Beatrice Aeros, ON

	Nathalie Rivard		D	L/G	5'08	160	01/21/72
		Cumberland, ON			Mississauga Chiefs, ON

	Fiona Smith		D	L/G	5'02	124	10/31/73
		Edam, SK		Edmonton Chimos, AB

Forwards / Avants (13)
	Dana Antal		F/A	R/D	5'07	135	04/19/77
		Esterhazy, SK		Oval X-Treme, AB

	Kelly Béchard	F/A	R/D	5'09	140	22/01/78
		Sedley, SK 		Oval X-Treme, AB

	Jennifer Botterill	F/A	L/G	5'09	155	01/05/79
		Winnipeg, MB 		Harvard University, USA

	Cassie Campbell		F/A	L/G	5'07	135	11/22/73
		Brampton, ON		Beatrice Aeros, ON

	Nancy Drolet		F/A	L/G	5'06	138	08/02/73
		Drummondville, QC 	Panthères de Ste-lie, QC

	Danielle Goyette	F/A	L/G	5'07	148	01/30/66
		St-Nazaire, QC		Oval X-Treme, AB

	Jayna Hefford	F/A	L/G	5'05	135	05/14/77
		Kingston, ON		Brampton Thunder, ON

	Angela James	F/A	R/D	5'05	150	12/22/64
		North York, ON		Beatrice Aeros, ON

	Caroline Ouellette	F/A	L/G	5'11	165	05/25/79
		Montréal, QC 	Montréal Wingstar, QC

	Laura Schuler		F/A	L/G	5'06	142	12/03/70
		Scarborough, ON		Brampton Thunder, ON

	Tammy Lee ewchuk F/A	R/D	5'04	138	12/31/77
		Saint-Laurent, QC	Harvard University, USA

	Sommer West	F/A	R/D	5'08	160	24/04/78
		Bowmanville, ON 	Beatrice Aeros, ON

	Hayley Wickenheiser 	F/A	R/D	5'09	170	12/08/78
		Shaunavon, SK		Oval X-Treme, AB

	Vice-President, Hockey/Vice-président, Hockey
		Tom Renney		CHA/ACH
	Director, High Performance/Directeur, haute performance
		Denis Hainault		CHA /ACH
	G.M., Women's High Performance Progr./
	D.G., Progr. de haute performance féminin
		Gaëtan Robitaille 	CHA/ACH
	Head coach/Entraîneure-chef
		Mel Davidson		Connecticut Coll. ,USA
	Assistant coach/Entraîneure adjointe
	 	Karen Hughes 		Univ.of Toronto, Ontario
	Assistant coach/Entraîneur adjoint
		Wally Kozak		Oval X-Treme, Alberta
	Equipment manager/Gérant de l=équipement
	 	Rob Insley		Beatrice Aeros, Ontario
	Sport physiotherapist/Physiothérapeute sportif
 		Lois Pohlod 		Calgary, Alberta
	Team physician/Médecin
		Dr. Christine Young	Toronto, Ontario
	Sport psychologist/Psychologue sportif
		Jacques Plouffe		Montréal, Québec
	Manager, Media Relations/Gérant, Relations médiatiques
	 	André Brin		CHA/ACH


Canadian Hockey Press Release 094, 1999.

MONTREAL, QC - The Canadian Hockey Association announced on Wednesday the roster for Canada's National Women's Team for the upcoming 3 Nations Cup that will be held in Quebec from November 28 to December 5, 1999.

Head coach Melody Davidson and the coaching staff will be looking to defend it's title at the 1999 3 Nations Cup, after beating USA in last year's final in Finland. The team includes 13 players from Canada's gold medal winning entry at the 1999 Women's World Hockey Championship in Espoo, Finland, and 11 players who claimed a silver medal with Canada at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

"We have a great mix of players," said Davidson. "The 3 Nations Cup is one of two remaining opportunities during the 1999-2000 season that we will use to evaluate players prior to naming the final roster for the 2000 Women's World Hockey Championship."

The National Women's Team has just completed an evaluation camp in Caledon, ON where 41 of Canada's top women's players attended. 23 of these players have been selected to play in this year's 3 Nations Cup.

In January, 25 of these 41 players will play for Canada's National Women's Team on a Canadian Tour. The final roster for the 2000 IIHF Women's World Hockey Championship will be announced in late February.

The team will get together in Sherbrooke on November 25, 1999 for a two-day pre-competition camp. Canada begins the tournament on November 28, 1999 in Sherbrooke against the USA.

For More Info

Joanne Gray
Event manager
Canadian Hockey Association

Fran Rider
2000 IIHF Women's World Hockey Championship

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