Esso Canadian National Championships

One team (at the highest level) from each province competes in the Esso Women's National Hockey Championship each year. Some provinces send an all-star team which is comprised of the best players from across the province. Other provinces (such as Alberta and Ontario) send the team that wins the provincial championship for the highest level of women's hockey within that province. The Esso Women's National Hockey Championship is usually a 10-team tournament that features many of Canada's national team members.

The annual Esso Women's Nationals is jointly presented by Canadian Hockey, Imperial Oil, Air Canada, the Royal Bank and the local organizing committee and is one of the most important events presented during the Canadian Hockey season. This national championship has been held since 1982.

In addition to competing for the Esso Women's National Championship title and the Abby Hoffman Cup, five individual awards and one team award is presented to those deserving players for: most valuable player, top defence, top forward, top goaltender, the Mickey Walker most sportsmanlike player award and the Canon K. Richardson most sportsmanlike team shield.

The Canadian National Championships originated in 1982. The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (now the CHA), helped by the organizatinal efforts of Maureen McTeer and Abby Hoffman, staged the first official national hockey championship for women in 1982.


Abby Hoffman Cup - champion (gold)
Fran Rider Cup - second place (silver)
Maureen McTeer Cup - third place (bronze)

Mickey Walker Award - sportsmanlike
Isobel Gathorne Hardy Award - contribution to women's hockey

Results by Year

Past Winners

2007 - TBD
2006 - Ontario
2005 - Ontario
2004 - North York Aeros (Ontario)
2003 - Calgary Oval X-Treme (Alberta)
2002 - Équipe Québec
2001 - Calgary Oval X-Treme (Alberta)
2000 - Beatrice Aeros (Ontario)
1999 - Équipe Québec
1998 - Oval X-Treme (Alberta)
1997 - Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1996 - Équipe Québec
1995 - Équipe Québec
1994 - Équipe Québec
1993 - Toronto Aeros (Ontario)
1992 - Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1991 - Toronto Aeros (Ontario)
1990 - Sherbrooke (Québec)
1989 - Sherbrooke (Québec)
1988 - Sherbrooke (Québec)
1987 - Hamilton Hawks (Ontario)
1986 - Hamilton Hawks (Ontario)
1985 - Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1984 - Edmonton Chimos (Alberta)
1983 - Burlington Ladies (Ontario)
1982 - Agincourt Canadians (Ontario)

Medal Winners by Year

  Year Location             Go Si Br
  2007 Salmon Arm, BC       AB ON ON
  2006 Sydney, NS           ON QC AB
  2005 Sarnia, ON           ON ON QC
  2004 Sherwood Park, AB    ON AB AB 
  2003 Saskatoon, SK        AB ON QC 
  2002 Arnprior/Renfrew, ON QC ON ON
  2001 Summerside, PE       AB QC ON
  2000 Sydney, NS           ON QC AB
  1999 Mississauga, ON      QC AB ON
  1998 Calgary, AB          AB ON QC
  1997 Richmond, BC         AB QC ON
  1996 Moncton, NB          QC ON NB
  1995 Summerside, PEI      QC NB AB
  1994 Winnipeg, MB         QC AB ON
  1993 Ottawa, ON           ON AB QC
  1992 Edmonton, AB         AB ON QC
  1991 Verdun, QC           ON QC AB
  1990 Lloydminster, SK     QC AB ON
  1989 Coquitlam, BC        QC ON AB
  1988 Burlington, ON       QC AB ON
  1987 Riverview, NB        ON AB SK
  1986 North Battleford, SK ON SK AB
  1985 Summerside, PEI      AB ON QC
  1984 Spruce Grove, AB     AB QC ON
  1983 Brantford, ON        ON AB SK
  1982 Brantford, ON        ON AB QC

Medal Totals by Province

  Province     Tot Go Si Br
  Ontario       21  7  6  8
  Alberta       19  6  8  5
  Quebec        18  8  5  5
  Saskatchewan   3  0  1  2
  New Brunswick  2  0  1  1

Isobel Gathorne Hardy Award, by year

This award is presented at the ESSO Nationals each year. The award is given to a nominee who is an active player at any level of the game, who demonstrates leadership and commitment to the game. This player has demonstrated values, leadership and personal traits that are representative of all female athletes.

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