Women's Hockey in the Canadian Forces

This information was provided by Deanna Manson on March 16th, 2000.

The womens hockey program in the Canadian Forces is going forward after its inauguration (of sorts) last year (the 1998-1999 season). This year (1999-2000), a regional and national invitational program has been officially approved, and will consist of training and all-star team selection camps for each region to culminate in a national invitational competition to be held at Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario.

The Canadian Forces sports program is divided into five separate regions that consist of the following major bases:

The Canadian Forces sports program is divided into five separate regions:

Each region is handling their own training/selection camps differently. For example, here in the Prairie region there will be an actual tournament for all teams in the region to compete in and then an all-star team will be selected from the tournament. By contrast, in the Ontario region, there have been a series of training camps from which their all-star team will be selected.

When all is said and done, the regional all-star teams will compete at the national invitational tournament in Borden 30 Apr - 5 May 00.

If you wish, I can give you the contact number of the Canadian Forces National Sports Manager for an official statement. This is just a heads-up message from a fledgling hockey player here in the prairies!



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