Women's Broomball

1995 Canadian National Broomball Championship

The 1995 Women's Broomball Championship was held in Barrie, Ontario during the week of April 5 - 9. Despite the weather conditions (much snow), teams from every province and territory were represented with the exception of PEI and the Yukon. Provinces were placed into two divisions, according to last year's standings, for Round robin play. There were six teams in each division, and after the round robin, the Top two teams in the two divisions moved on to the "A" Pool for Playoffs, and the next two (3rd and 4th), in the two divisions entered the "B" Pool Playoffs. The remaining teams were eliminated from the competition (Edmonton Angels, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and NWT). I'll add here that the goalie from NWT, was named top goalie of the National Championship!

Here are the results of the 1995 Women's Broomball Championships:

A Pool:

  1. Québec (Entremi) (Gold Medal, A Pool)
  2. Ontario Champ (Barrie Satellites) (Silver Medal, A Pool)
  3. Manitoba (The Storm) (Bronze Medal, A Pool)
  4. Ontario Host (Parr Line) (4th, A Pool)

B Pool:

  5. Saskatchewan (Gold, B Pool)
  6. Alberta (Last year Host) (Silver, B Pool)
  7. Newfoundland (Bronze, B Pool)
  8. British Columbia (4th, B Pool)

Not making the playoffs:

  Alberta (Last year's champs!)
  Nova Scotia
  New Brunswick
  Northwest Territories

Thanks to Patricia Walsh (pwalsh@Direct.CA), who competed for British Columbia in the national championship, for providing this information.

The 1996 Canadian National Broomball Championship will be held in Montreal, Québec.


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