Andria Hunter

Contact Information

Ms. Andria L. Hunter
Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences
University of Toronto at Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, Room S-625A
Toronto, Ontario
M1C 1A4



                         Degree:  MSc Computer Science.  (Systems Area)
                         Published Thesis.  A- average for course work.

                         Degree:  BSc Computer Science.   (Summa Cum Laude)
                         Cumulative GPA: 3.81 out of 4.00
                         (ranked 5th in class of 308 students)

                         Degree: O.S.S.H.G.D. (Grade 13)
                         (ranked 1st in class of 83 students)

Professional Experience

1999-present:         UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, TORONTO, ON.
                         Lecturer.  Courses taught include:
                            "Computing Skills for Co-op", 
                            "The Why and How of Computing," and 
                            "Introduction to Computer Programming."
                         Duties include designing course, hiring teaching
                         assistants, holding weekly lectures and office 
                         hours, preparing assignments and marking schemes, 
                         supervising teaching assistants, preparing exams,
                         invigilating exams, and submitting final marks.

Dec 1997-present:     ALH Computer Solutions, TORONTO, ON.
                         Internet and Private Tutoring.
                         I have started my own company for doing web page
                         work and private tutoring in Java, Turing, and
                         Visual Basic.

Sep 1997-Dec 1997:    A+ Tutoring Service, TORONTO, ON.
                         Private Java Tutoring.
                         Conducting private Java tutoring sessions, primarily
                         with students enrolled in courses in the Department
                         of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.

Nov 1996-present:     Internet contract work, TORONTO, ON.
                         CGI programs and web page design.
                         Since graduating with my MSc in Computer Science,
                         I have been working on a variety of Internet
                         contract jobs.  This work includes designing web
                         sites and writing search engines.

July 1996-July 1997:  CIRSA, TORONTO, ON.
                         Database supervision and web page design.
                         Duties include supervising the creation of a
                         database (written in MS Access) for the Canadian
                         Inline and Roller Skating Association (CIRSA),
                         and creating a web site for CIRSA.

1991-1999:            UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, TORONTO, ON.
                         Teaching Assistant for "The Why and How of
                         Computing," "Introduction to Computer Programming,"
                         "Systems Modelling and Discrete Simulation," and
                         "Operating Systems" courses.
                         Duties include preparing and conducting a weekly
                         one-hour tutorial, holding office hours, marking
                         assignments, web page maintenance, and proctoring
                         and marking exams.

Summers 1989-90:      GE CANADA, PETERBOROUGH, ON.
                         Computer Programmer in the Motors Department.
                         Duties included writing Induction Motor Design
                         Modules (Fortran77), restructuring and redesigning
                         Fortran77 code for Synchronous Motor/Generator
                         Design programs, modifying the Research and
                         Development program that keeps track of finances
                         for the Motors and Drives Department (DBase III+).

                         VAX Large System's Computer Consultant.
                         Duties included assisting students and faculty with
                         editors, various software packages, and the UNIX
                         and VMS operating systems.  Responsible for
                         maintaining terminals, laser and line printers.

                         Summer student in the Civil Engineering section.
                         Duties included reinforcing calculations for
                         billing, coordinating between Hydro and
                         Contractors, qualifying trades people for
                         installing seismically qualified anchors,
                         programming (DBase III and Lotus), assisting
                         inspections on qualified anchors and paint.

                         Land Survey Assistant and Draftsperson.
                         Duties included using rod and chain, drafting,
                         plotting profile graphs, cut and fill calculations,
                         using computer to calculate flood plain levels.

Computer Experience

MSc Thesis:           Aspects of Workload Characterization for Distributed
                         System Models (U of T, Department of Computer Science)

                         The first part was a detailed workload characterization
                         analysis of the CDF academic distributed computing
                         system (a system that was mainly used by under-
                         graduate students at U of T).  In the second part,
                         cluster analysis was used to make a stochastic
                         distribution-driven model for the CDF system.

University Projects:  C Compiler, 3-D X Windows Graphics package, Multi-user
                         network game on a UNIX system, simulation (using CSIM)
                         of a large-scale heterogeneous distributed system with
                         hierarchical load sharing, LISP Interpreter, VAX
                         Assembler, VAX Assembler Linker, and VAX Debugger.

World Wide Web:       Design and maintenance of the 'Women's Hockey Web' web
                         site.  This site contains a collection of women's hockey
                         information that I have coordinated from around the world.

Languages Studied:    Java, C, Visual Basic, VBA, C shell script, Turing, HTML,
                         CGI, Fortran77, Pascal, Modula2, BASIC, LISP, Prolog,
                         CLU, VAX Assembly, ICON, Smalltalk.

Computer Systems:     DECstations and SUN Workstations using UNIX and X Windows,
                         IBM PCs using MS-DOS, Windows, and Linux,
                         Apple MacIntosh systems.

Software Utilities:   Microsoft Office, Sun Microsystems StarOffice, Corel 
                         Wordperfect Suite, Macromedia Dreamweaver, X Windows, 
                         LaTeX, CSIM, SAS, jgraph, LEX, YACC, dBase, Lotus.

Significant Awards

2007:                 Peterborough and District Sports Hall of Fame Inductee.

2002:                 Isobel Gathorne Hardy Award.

1997:                 Inline Hockey News, Female Amateur Athlete of the Year.

1996:                 University of New Hampshire, Department of Women's
                         Athletics, Hall of Fame Inductee.

1993:                 Peterborough County, Award of Merit, Achieving
                         International Recognition in Sports.

1992:                 Peterborough This Week (Newspaper), Female Athlete
                         of the Year for 1992.

1991-92:              University of Toronto, Karen Hughes Award, Pursuit of
                         Excellence in Academics and Athletics.

1990-91, 91-92,       University of Toronto, Department of Athletics and
  93-94, 95-96:          Recreation, T-Holder Academic Excellence Award.

1990-92:              University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science,
                         Research Assistantship.

1991-92:              University of Toronto, Open Fellowship Award.

1989-90:              University of New Hampshire, Engineering and Physical
                         Sciences, Tech Alumni Achievement Award.

1989-90:              University of New Hampshire, Department of Women's
                         Athletics, Alumni Association Student-Athlete Award.

1988-89:              University of New Hampshire, Engineering and Physical
                         Sciences, Joseph L. Fearer Scholarship.

1988-89:              University of New Hampshire, Department of Women's
                         Athletics, Wildcat Winners Club Scholar-Athlete Award.

1986-87:              University of New Hampshire, Department of Women's
                         Athletics, Jane Blalock Rookie of the Year Award.

1986:                 Grade 13 Graduation:  Highest combined Grade 13 Math
                         average, Ontario Scholar, General Proficiency
                         (highest grade 13 overall average), Outstanding
                         Leadership and Contribution to the School,
                         Outstanding Graduating Female Athlete, General
                         Electric Star Scholarship Award.

1984:                 Scholarship to attend The Canadian Centre for Creative
                         Technology (Shad Valley), University of Calgary.

Sports and Interests

January 2002:         Selected by Canada Post to unveil a new Women's Hockey
                        stamp at the Canada Post headquarters in Ottawa.

July 2002:            Member of the Canadian national women's inline hockey team.
                         World Champions at Women's World Inline Hockey Championship
                         in Rochester, USA.

April 1999:           Selected to National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) first all-star
                         team.  Also received Most Sportsmanlike Player award.

Sept 1997, Oct 1998,  Champions at USA Hockey InLine National Championship held in
  Sept 2002:             in Las Vegas, Nevada ('97/'02) and New Orleans, Louisana ('99).
                         Received top scorer award ('97/'02) and selected to all-star team ('99).

August 1997:          Canadian Champions at Canadian Hockey InLine National
                         Championship in Waterloo.  Received top scorer award.

August 1996:          North American Champions at North American Roller
                         Hockey Championship (NARCh) in Chicago, IL.  Also
                         attended North American Roller Hockey Championship
                         from 1995 through 2002.  Received top scorer award in 1997.

April 1994:           Member of the Canadian national women's ice hockey team.  
                         World Champions at Women's World Ice Hockey Championship
                         in Lake Placid, USA.

Oct 92 - April 93:    Lived in Switzerland with a family (Au-pair) and played
                         ice hockey for DHC Langenthal.

April 1992:           Member of the Canadian national women's ice hockey team.  
                         World Champions at Women's World Ice Hockey Championship
                         in Tampere, Finland.  Third overall in scoring for
                         the World Championship.

August 1991:          Canadian Champions at National Ball Hockey Championship
                         in Edmonton.  Also attended Canadian National
                         Ball Hockey Championship in 1992, 1993, and 1994.

1986-90:              Attended the University of New Hampshire on a full-
                         tuition women's ice hockey scholarship.  Leading
                         scorer for UNH for 3 of 4 years.  Captain of the team
                         during final year.  ECAC Champions in 1987 and 1990.

Other Sports:         soccer, softball, track and field, tennis, badminton,
                         inline hockey, x-country running, down hill skiing,
                         swimming, water skiing, broomball, field hockey,
                         inline skating.

Clubs:                Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Golden Key National
                         Honours Society, Student Athletic Association (SAA),
                         OMAF 4H Club Member (completed 33 projects and held
                         various executive positions).

Interests:            computers, mathematics, sciences, people association,
                         outdoor recreation (camping, hiking, fishing, nature,
                         boating), traveling, animal care, helping others.