Other Pictures of Me (non-hockey)

Photo: me waterskiing at my parents' cottage

Here are some pictures where I am not wearing my hockey equipment (that does happen on occasion! :-) ).

A picture of my family. This picture was taken outside our house in the Fall of 1996. From left to right in the picture are: youngest sister Nancy, me, Mom, Dad, and oldest sister Leslie.

A picture of my family. My Mom and Dad are on the top row. On the bottom row are my sisters Leslie (oldest) and Nancy (youngest), and me. This picture is a little outdated ... it's about 8 years old.

The Hunter Farm. This is an aerial view of the farm that I grew up on. Check out those hockey ponds!!! :-) The good part is that the Zamboni doesn't kick you off the ice at the end of the hour. The bad part is that you are your own Zamboni! :-)
My mom runs a Bed and Breakfast at our farm, so if you're ever in the Peterborough area, look it up! Try out the hockey ponds! :-) Here is a map of the Hunter Farm that my Dad drew.

Our wedding page. It contains our engagement and wedding photos. Here is an older picture of my husband (Marc) and me. And here's another picture of us (©Photograpy Babak). Here is a link to Marc's homepage . Marc is working on his PhD in Computer Science (Graphics Area) here at the University of Toronto.

Me and my best friend, Heidi Kubichek (Chalupnik). I first met Heidi when we played on the same hockey team at the University of New Hampshire. We also went to Switzerland together for 7 months to play for DHC Langenthal. This picture was taken at Heidi's wedding in her hometown, Fairbanks, Alaska (February 1994). Heidi was also the matron of honour in my wedding.

Wayne Gretzky and me. This is not trick photography! :-) I actually had the opportunity to meet my hero, Wayne Gretzky! How exciting! This was at the 1990-1991 NHL Awards Presentation at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. I was an assistant photographer (to a friend of mine who works at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto) for the evening. Do you recognize these trophies? :-)

My older sister, Leslie Greene, mountain biking. That link is a picture of her at the June 1998 1st Canada Cup race. She is an avid mountain biker, who races for GT Bicycles. Here is a picture of her cycling and here is a picture of her in her gear at the Queen's Park Grand Prix in Toronto. These pictures were taken in the summer of 1998 by Ed Araquel.

Softball. Me playing softball on the Toronto Island.

Horse riding. Me riding our horse, Jeff, on the Hunter Farm. This was before I fell off ... no, I'm not kidding! :-)

I didn't scan this one in. Marc's Responsible! :-) Me on the front lawn at the Hunter Farm.

A not-so-recent head-shot of me. (taken March 1996) Not the best picture ... I'm not always cross-eyed!

My Swiss Family. Well I guess this one isn't really a picture of me. It's a picture of the family that I lived with in Switzerland when I played hockey there for the 1992-1993 season. The mother and the father are Jacqueline and Hannes Rothlisberger. The three children from left to right are: Linda, Eva, and Timi. They also have a new number four, who is not pictured. His name is Basil.

My friend Janet and her prize Elk. Janet is one of my best friends with whom I grew up. The Elk pictured with her was the largest Elk in the province of Alberta for the 1995 hunting season.

Another web page with photos. This is a link to a page that contains more recent photos, including photos of my husband and children.

This page is maintained by © 1998 Andria Hunter (andria@cs.toronto.edu).

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