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Warning:: This is a very RETRO homepage that I made using basic HTML, way back in 1994!! I'm leaving it up to contribute to the historical evolution of the Internet! :-) If you stumbled upon my homepage when looking for general women's hockey information, please go to this link instead: www.whockey.com.

Here are a few pictures of me from the 1994 Women's World Ice Hockey Championship
(photo on the right copyright ©1994 Mike Wassmann)...

And here are a couple from the 2002 Women's World Inline Hockey Championship...

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Information about Andria


I completed my Master of Science degree in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto in the fall of 1996. I was in the Distributed Computation and Networks area of research, and my supervisor was Scott Graham. My Master's thesis was entitled "Aspects of Workload Characterization for Distributed System Models." The first part of my thesis was a detailed workload characterization analysis of the CDF academic distributed computing system (a system that was mainly used by undergrads at U of T). In the second part, cluster analysis was used to make a stochastic distribution-driven model for the CDF system.

I took these graduate courses in my MSc program:

Work Related

I was a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Toronto for 10 years (from 1999-2009). I retired in 2009, and am now a stay-at-home mom. I taught CSCA01 (computing skills for co-op), CSCA02 (introductory Computer Science), and CSCA06 (Java Programming) at the Scarborough campus. I taught CSC104 and CSC108 at the St. George downtown campus.

I've done a number of contract jobs through my company called, ALH Computer Solutions. I worked on a web page project for the Department of Computer Science at UofT. I did all computer-related work for the Hipcheck Magazine for women's hockey. I also worked on a database project and web page project for CIRSA, a web page project for CSRG, a technical report web search engine for the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, and web pages for the following: 1999 CIAU Nationals, Stephanie Boyd's female hockey school, Shooting Stars hockey school, Breakaway Sports hockey school, Hunter Farm bed & breakfast, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge daycare, the Mississauga Chiefs, and many others.

As you may have noticed, I also spend a fair amount of time working on updating the women's hockey web pages! :-) This is strictly volunteer work. I must apologize that I have not been able to make the updates as regularly, now that I have children.

While at graduate school, I worked as a teaching assistant in Computer Science at the University of Toronto, and have done a lot of private tutoring in Java programming for university students. I am no longer offering private tutoring.

Here are links to course web pages that I made when I was a teaching assistant. For a description of these courses, please see the undergraduate courses page.

Here is a copy of my resumé in html, and here is a copy of my resumé in plain text format.


I love almost all sports, but I am especially addicted to ice hockey - a typical Canadian, eh?! :-) I attended the University of New Hampshire (UNH) on a hockey scholarship where I earned my BSc in Computer Science. I played on Canada's gold medal women's hockey team at the Women's World Hockey Championships in 1992 and in 1994. I went to Switzerland for the 1992-93 hockey season and played for the DHC Langenthal hockey team of the Swiss Women's A league.

While I was working on my MSc in Computer Science, I played for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues hockey team of the OUA league. My last season with the Blues was the 1995-96 season.

I have competed in the Senior AAA National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) for the Scarborough Firefighters, the Toronto Red Wings, the Newtonbrook Panthers, and the Mississauga Chiefs. I am playing for the Mississauga Chiefs during the 1998-99 season. Unfortunately I have elected not to tryout for Team Canada again due to a chronic groin and hip injury. :-( I have had to miss numerous games because of this injury since 1994, but it seems to be improving, so I'm hoping for a few more fun hockey seasons!

If you are interested in finding out more information about my hockey career (or if you just feel like killing some time :-)), you can look at this hockey information file or the page with my hockey pictures. The information file was submitted (by my Dad) to nominate me for the Sports Hall of Fame in my hometown, Peterborough (Ontario, Canada), so it contains everything that anyone would ever possibly need to know about my hockey career ... and more! :-) I was inducted into the Peterborough and District Sports Hall of Fame in 2007.

I like to play inline hockey during the summers. I played for Canada at the first-ever World Championship for Women's Inline Hockey in 2002. I played for the Toronto Tornado who won the gold medal at the 1996 North American Roller Hockey Championship (NARCh) in Chicago, August 23-25, 1996. Since 1997, I have played for the Toronto Franklin Typhoon. I have now retired from competitive inline hockey.

Here are links to a few tournament results (sorry, this list hasn't been updated):

I have played intramural softball for the Happy Hackers, the EE Electric Fielders, and the DCS team.

A few links

About this Home Page

The GIF picture files, ASCII text files, and HTML files to which I link in this homepage are available through anonymous ftp to ftp.cs.utoronto.ca. My files are stored in the pub/issac/test directory. This link will take you directly to the README file in my ftp directory. This README file describes the contents of each file in my FTP directory.

My Picture Pages

 o Hockey Stuff (career, 92/94 World Championships, my hockey card, speeches)
 o Non-hockey Stuff (my photo album of non-hockey pictures)

Women's Hockey Section

The bulk of the information that I maintain on the web may be found in the links below. When I first started accessing the world wide web back in 1994 there was no women's hockey information at all to be found, so I decided to undertake the task of providing a web site for women's hockey information. For me it's a way to put something back into a sport that has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities. If just a few young girls read the pages and decide to start playing hockey and then have some of the same experiences that I have had, then organizing these pages was time well spent!

I encourage all the young (and old!) girls out there to give hockey a try. It is such a great way to meet new friends, to challenge yourself, and to most importantly have a lot of fun! Good luck!

 o Women's Hockey Quick Index
(Starting Point for Women's Hockey Pages!)

 o Women's Hockey Information (getting info on the net, general info)
 o Women's University Hockey (Canadian and American University Hockey)
 o Women's International Hockey (World Tournaments, Leagues in various countries)
 o Women Hockey Player Profiles (Profiles for players in various countries)
 o Women's Hockey FAQ (University/International/National Results)

Please Note: I am looking for sponsors for these women's hockey web pages! If your organization is interested, please contact me at andria@whockey.com. If I can get a sponsorship, then I will spend some time to improve these pages even more. I will be moving all of these web pages to a new home at www.whockey.com.

Links To Other Women's Sports Pages

Hockey Tips

Misc. Stuff

Reviews of my pages

I paid these people a lot of money to say these nice things about my pages! :-)
Here is a link to several reviews of my pages.

An ASCII hockey picture that I drew

|       ...  She shoots!     ......    She scoooooores!!!                |
|                                                _
       __    |
|      ~o         ~o          ~o            ~o  |
~o     __|\ )_  |
| \____/|)        <|>         (|\_____/    \/Y\/|
`#(|\0__/ /| \__) |
|      />         /> \        />       .    /\          ('\\---'
| .| | |
|     z z   .    z z  \_.    z z           z  z
\_\_\       | | |
|                                                          `  `      |_/



Please use the fill-in mail form link below to sign my guestbook (or to send me email). Please include any suggestions, comments or information for my women's hockey web pages, that you might have. By default your message will be appended to my guestbook (unless you specify otherwise in the form).

Although I love receiving email and I'd love to answer all of the messages, it's just not possible, as the amount of mail that I receive because of my web pages has become unmanageable. I will make time to add any information that you send for the web pages, but I'm unlikely to have enough time to answer individual messages. Sorry. :-( I hope you'll understand.

Christmas Letters

Here are the letters that we have sent to our friends for Christmas for the past several years:

Wedding Page!

I got married to Marc Ouellette on July 24th, 1999. Here is a link to our wedding page. We have had four children (girl, girl, boy, girl), but unfortunately our second daughter died at a young age. Photos can be found here.

Thanks for visiting my Homepage!

And have a nice Day, eh! :-)

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