My 1994 Hockey Card

I have scanned in the front and back of my Team Canada hockey card. This hockey card is from the set of women's hockey cards that are part of the 1994 Classic Draft Picks hockey card set. This card set was released by Classic in October 1994. Here is a pricing list for these women's hockey cards.

Front View:

Here is the front view of my hockey card. If you don't have a coloured workstation, what you should be seeing in the background of this picture is a red maple leaf on a gold background.

The question most commonly asked about this picture is, "Where is your stick?" Well, if you look really really closely at my right hand, you can see a white knob in the palm of my hand.

(copyright ©1994 Classic Games, Inc.)

Back View:

Here is the back view of my hockey card. Sorry about the terrible colours. This has got to be the world's worst picture of me anyways!! Yuck!!!

Oh, and the PIM for the 1992 stats should be 0, not 13!!! Where do they get that info from anyways?! I'm not a goon ... that was only in 5 games! Actually, I should not be complaining because at least they have the correct picture on the back of my card ... unlike the France St-Louis card that has a picture of Nancy Drolet on the back side!!!

(copyright ©1994 Classic Games, Inc.)

The great hockey legend, Terry Mankus, :-) has been having some trouble viewing my inline hockey card images, so I am providing links here to access the front and back of my card directly.
Front of my Card

Back of my Card

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